Meet Alma, the AI Assistant for Real Estate Investors

According to a 2023 PwC report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate, real estate professionals are cautiously optimistic about current market trends, where certain aspects of the industry appear to be returning to pre-pandemic derives. As a result, real estate professionals are looking to reposition themselves in the market for long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

While some real estate investors focus on workforce transformations, affordable housing pursuits, and changes to infrastructure spending, others are looking to evolve with game-changing Artificial Intelligence. These tools are helping real estate professionals make more informed decisions. They do this by streamlining or expanding property searches, navigating the purchasing and sales processes. They also ensure precise pricing and valuation estimates.

One cutting-edge AI for real estate is Alma, the latest technology by DealMachine and powered by Open AI that is revolutionizing how real estate professionals operate. Whether you are new to the real estate investment world or are a seasoned professional, Alma can help you quickly and easily decide which properties fit your investment strategy, how to market to a property owner, and take the next step in your business journey. Here is what Alma, the AI real estate assistant transforming the industry, can do for your business.

Witness Unparalleled Industry Growth

When is the best time to enter the real estate market? With real estate investors concerned about economic inflation and price shifts, layoffs and foreclosures, and specific macroeconomic conditions – there are many questions about where the current market is heading. According to Forbes Advisor, real estate experts note that while some areas of the country are experiencing price declines, homeowner equity is the strongest in over 20 years.

While artificial intelligence can’t help you determine unexpected market shifts, 49% of real estate business owners have seen reduced company costs. In comparison, 63% have seen exceptional revenue growth after implementing AI solutions.

Alma serves as a new, up-and-coming AI tool for real estate that can help entrepreneurs navigate the complex and constantly changing landscape by answering real estate-related questions. Beyond this, Alma can provide friendly AI assistance on real estate business tasks and the delivery of property data, deals analysis, estimated repair costs, rental yield calculations, and more with its chat interface. These capabilities make it a valuable tool for any real estate professional looking to be at the center of unparalleled growth across the industry.

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Identify Properties with Profit Potential

The decision to invest in a commercial or residential property is a big step towards building wealth and equity. To be successful in short- or long-term property investments, you need to be sure that you will have a decent return on your investment. It takes time to thoroughly research the location and local neighborhood information, complete an income property analysis, and decide what type of properties are most profitable in the area.

When you begin your journey with Alma, you can view any property available. The friendly real estate AI assistant will greet you and help based on its expertise in real estate. Along with assisting you with your real estate investment strategy, which we will get into next, Alma can provide a property’s estimated value based on recent sales in the area, the property’s square footage, location, and other factors. Additional factors, such as the number of bedrooms and amenities, can also provide investors with rental price estimates and detailed property cash flow analysis to determine potential profitability.

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Effectively Align Your Real Estate Strategy

As a real estate investor, you want to use the most effective real estate strategy possible to ensure prospective buyers or renters find precisely what they are searching for in a new home.

Do you want to invest in a single-family rental (SFR) property, real estate wholesaling, flipping properties, or BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat)? Do you want to choose a less conventional investment strategy like rental debt snowballing, property tax lien investing, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or real estate investment groups (REIGs)? A real estate investor’s strategy depends on various factors. These include experience and expertise, risk tolerance, asset control preferences, down payment limitations, and the expected cash flow in return.

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No matter the type of real estate strategy you choose, selecting potential investment properties to align with your well-planned approach is crucial. Luckily for the modern real estate investor, Alma is here to help. Need help deciding what strategy to use for a particular property? Alma can help with that too.

For users interested in gaining a greater understanding of real estate investing fundamentals, Alma can support various investment strategies. The AI for real estate assistant can also evaluate potential properties, teach you how to finance an investment, and recommend best practices in managing and maintaining a real estate portfolio.

As the real estate market grows, building a portfolio presents many opportunities. It provides a competitive edge when working in such a challenging environment. In today’s highly competitive market, using innovative tech tools like Alma ensures that your portfolio continues to grow and that your real estate strategy aligns with real estate decision-making.

Receive Real Estate Ideas and Quick Prompts

Along with Alma having the capacity to answer questions related to real estate and provide insights and analysis, you can request recommended next steps on various aspects of real estate deals. This ability to receive expert recommendations and quick prompts means that agents can facilitate natural and efficient communications with customers to enhance engagement and drive quick decision-making.

The DealMachine team has worked tirelessly to build an extensive list of quick prompts. With these prompts, users analyze properties and calculate price offers and property repairs. They even get in touch with sellers, buyers, and renters. Beyond that, you can request assistance writing cold call scripts and SMS messages to send to the property owner. This keeps everything straight while saving valuable time. Alma cannot yet help with contract drafting and negotiation services. But, you can ask Alma to help with practicing negotiating with buyers.

Just note that because Alma is still in beta version 1.0, as with any early product feature, the system is consistently working on learning and improving its usefulness. This means that the collected real estate data must be exploratory and actionable to become more accurate and helpful over time.

Whether you are an investor, agent, or operator, with a robust real estate AI assistant at your fingertips, you will have accurate, expert-recommended communication methods to enhance the customer buying experience.

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Guarantee Privacy and Data Security

Embracing the power of an AI real estate assistant to wholesale, flip, buy, or hold property is one of the best decisions you can make as a savvy real estate investor. However, you also want to know that your company data is well-secured and that the privacy of your customers is fully respected.

DealMachine takes the privacy and security of your data seriously. It follows best practices in data security and privacy to ensure that your data is safe and sound. When you interact with your real estate AI assistant, your basic contact information is collected. This maintains your DealMachine account. Also, your chat history may be collected to improve the accuracy and relevancy of answers provided by Alma. In addition, the property address you have noted interest in is gathered only to send mail to the property owner on your behalf.

With Alma’s current limitations related to data source limits and accuracy, purely objective insights, struggle with certain types of complex data, language barriers, and non-real estate-related questions – the direct and indirect feedback received from users is essential to Alma’s evolution and improving the user experience. Those with questions or concerns about the privacy and security of data collected on Alma can refer to the company’s privacy policy or contact the DealMachine team.

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The Future of Real Estate Investing

The real estate market can be challenging at times and is constantly evolving. Yet, with its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Alma’s revolutionary automated real estate process makes real estate professionals more efficient and productive. Whether it is lead generation, in-depth market analysis, or property valuation, the AI assistant for real estate investors utilizes powerful algorithms and data-driven insights to provide key market information, along with an intuitive interface and natural language processor, to effectively communicate complex tasks. With the right mindset and tools like Alma, any modern real estate professional will have what it takes to become a savvy real estate investor in 2023.