How to Sell Feet Pics in 2023 & Make Money (in 7 Easy Steps)


Welcome to the world of selling feet pictures online, where the camera lens meets the sole and opens up a whole new world of money-making opportunities. In the digital age, selling feet pictures has emerged as a lucrative business, and it’s only set to grow in the coming years. With an increasing number of people seeking unique and personalized experiences, the demand for feet pictures has skyrocketed, making it an excellent time to get in on the action. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of feet pictures, delve into the latest trends, and give you all the tips and tricks you need to start making money from the comfort of your own home. So buckle up, put your best foot forward, and let’s journey into the lucrative world of feet pictures!

How to Sell Feet Pics Online in 2023 & Make Money; TL;DR

Here’s the short version of how to get started selling feet pics online today:

  1. Decide where to sell your feet pics online and choose your selling platform or platforms.
  2. Sell your feet pics safely by taking steps to protect yourself and your identity.
  3. Take great quality feet photos (and treat yourself to a pedicure & foot spa).
  4. Edit & upload your feet pics to your chosen platforms.
  5. Use social media to drive traffic to your feet pics and attract buyers.
  6. Chat with buyers, offer albums or custom shots & videos to charge top dollar.
  7. Diversify and repeat!

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Fun With Feet

FunwithFeet is a user-friendly website for people interested in buying and selling sexy feet pics and videos. A marketplace for foot lovers and content creators, you can join hundreds of other sellers making money off this sexy side hustle. All you have to do to get started is create your user profile and share it with eager buyers! You’ll need to provide some general information like age (sellers must be 18 years old or older), gender, ethnicity, and country. You’ll also be asked to upload a profile picture and add some info to your bio. Once your account is verified, you can start uploading your best feet pics and videos.

Some of the most popular categories trending on FunwithFeet right now include:

  • BDSM
  • Boots
  • Dancer
  • High heels
  • Sandals
  • Tattoos
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You can also create themed collections on this platform. For example, a collection of videos of you pampering your feet, pictures of your feet in different colored high heels, or a collection of pictures that show your feet and other sexy body parts. Choose between showing some content for free and blurring other content until the buyer makes a purchase. Use these free images to entice buyers and save your hottest content for paying customers. FunwithFeet also lets you chat directly with buyers to negotiate other sales and custom content. Buyers also have the ability to tip you!

Buyers on the site can easily search for feet pics and videos using specific keywords and categories. This makes it easy and convenient for them to find your quality content so you can make the sale and make money. FunwithFeet charges sellers a minimal fee for using the platform:

  • $9.99 for 3 months of selling
  • $14.99 for 6 months of selling

All payments go through the platform’s private wallet after which you can withdraw your funds and transfer them directly to your bank account. Click here to get started!

Who Buys Feet Pics Anyway?

If you’re wondering who actually buys feet pics, you’ll be surprised to learn that this can be a very clean and family-friendly pursuit! If you head to istock, a popular stock photo site, and type in ‘feet pics’, an astonishing 846,401 results appear! From baby feet to foot care, massages, walking, friendship groups, foot pain, reflexology examples, you name it, there’s a foot photo for it. That means that not only are stock photo sites looking to buy feet pics, plenty of other people are too! Such as:

  • Reflexology Specialists
  • Shoe Companies
  • Health Websites
  • Modeling Agencies (looking for foot models)
  • Jewelry Sites (selling foot jewelry)
  • Travel Websites
  • Nail Art Companies
  • Foot Products Companies
  • And of course, people with Foot Fetishes

So without further ado, let’s break down the steps to take so you can start to sell your feet pictures online and make some extra cash!

Feet Picture

How to Sell Feet Pics Online; 7 Actionable Steps

Step 1. Where to Sell Feet Pics Online: 23 Platforms

There are a multitude of platforms to start selling pictures of feet. So let’s start with the most popular ones:

1. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform with over 130 million users, and selling feet pics is a popular category on the site. It’s free to join, and you charge a subscription fee for fans to access your content starting from $4.99. Simply create an account, add verifiable ID, add your social media accounts, upload content, and let your fans know!

2. Wikifeet

Wikifeet is all about celebrity feet photos. The site thrives on user submissions, and it is completely free to use. You can use their forums to promote and sell feet pictures, but follow their strict posting rules to avoid getting banned.

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3. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is a marketplace where you can sell feet photos and videos. However, be aware of their specific requirements for models and the level of personal information they may request. Proceed with caution and do thorough research before using this platform.

4. Instafeet

Instafeet is a dedicated subscription-based foot photography site. Your goal as a creator is to attract subscribers who will pay a monthly fee to access your foot photos. It’s free to get started, but Instafeet charges a 10% fee on your subscription fees. Create your account, get verified (you need to be 18+), choose your monthly subscription price, upload a minimum of 5 foot pics, and promote your feet pictures to sell!

5. All Things Worn

All Things Worn is a marketplace to buy and sell used or worn clothes, including bras, thongs, pantyhose, skirts, dresses, tops, and more. You can also sell pictures of your feet and other digital content. It’s a legitimate marketplace where you can remain anonymous. Create an account, pay your fees (if you choose premium), upload quality foot pics, create a clear description, list and sell!

6. Feetify

Feetify is a subscription-based platform dedicated to selling feet pics online. You can earn cash rewards from the site itself just for being particularly active, or become a premium member for more benefits. Create your free account, upload your feet pics, be active on a daily basis, upload foot pics consistently, become a premium member, and connect with buyers!

7. is a website dedicated to selling feet photos. You’ll set up a page to showcase your feet pics and have the opportunity to promote your page on or off the platform. With only an initial $5 setup fee, you’ll only pay feetpics if you want to promote your page within their platform. Promoting your page on your other social media accounts is free. Create your account, choose your page name, add listings in applicable categories, upload your feet pics, promote your page, accept payments via Bitcoin or PayPal & usual payment channels.

8. Feet Lovers Only is a platform for feet lovers only. It’s free to sign up as a seller, although you’ll need a premium subscription costing $14.99/month to communicate with potential buyers. But once signed up, you can upload and sell an unlimited number of photos and keep 100% of the sale price. Create your free account, upload your feet pictures, be active on a daily basis, upload foot pics consistently, become a premium member, and connect with buyers!

9. Feet Finder

FeetFinder is a dedicated foot photography website that markets itself as a safe and legitimate site for selling feet photos. You must be over 18 and be able to produce a verifiable ID to sign up. They charge a seller fee of $3.99 a month or $14.99 a year and charge 20% on all sales. Create an account, get verified, pay your fees, upload quality feet pictures, create a keyword-rich bio, and sell, sell, sell!

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Other Places Online To Sell Feet Pics Online

  • Your Own Blog: You can create a blog around nail art for feet, foot care, selling socks or feet products, or any other related niche. Create quality content, add an ecommerce shop selling your feet photos, and promote your site across the web.
  • Stock Photo Sites: Upload your feet pictures to stock photo sites like Shutterstock, iStock, Depositphotos, etc., and get paid when they are purchased and downloaded.
  • Print on Demand Marketplaces: Create print on demand products or digital printables using platforms like RedBubble, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Teepublic, etc. Upload your designs and sell them through your store.
  • Etsy: Create an Etsy shop and sell your feet pictures as digital printables or physical products like wall art.
  • Create Your Own Ecommerce Store: Use platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to create your own ecommerce store and sell your feet pics or feet-related products.
  • Social Media Platforms: Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms to promote your feet pictures and drive traffic to your online store or other selling platforms.
  • Ebay: Sell your feet pics or feet-related products on eBay.
  • Foap: Join Foap and sell your feet pictures through missions, the marketplace, or by adding photos of other users to your album.
  • Become a Foot Model: Consider becoming a foot model and showcase your feet in various modeling opportunities.
  • Discord: Create a server on Discord and connect with potential buyers to negotiate sales and custom content.
  • Craigslist: Use Craigslist to list and sell your feet pics (proceed with caution and be aware of potential risks).
  • Whisper App: Use the Whisper App to share and promote your feet pics, directing interested customers to your website or online store.
  • Tinder: Use Tinder to drive traffic to your site or online store by creating a profile and uploading feet pictures.
  • Reddit: Join relevant subreddits and engage with the community, sharing your feet pics and promoting your online store or website.


Selling feet pics online carries potential risks, but by following safety measures, protecting personal information, using secure platforms, and trusting your instincts, you can mitigate potential risks associated with online sales. Always prioritize your safety and well-being when engaging in any online activity.


Selling feet pics online might seem strange or outlandish, but it can be a legitimate and potentially profitable endeavor. Whether you choose to sell your feet pictures directly or explore more creative avenues like print on demand or stock photo sites, there are numerous platforms and strategies available to help you monetize your feet pics. Remember to prioritize your safety, protect your identity, and approach this niche with an open mind. Good luck on your journey into the world of selling feet pics and steps towards financial freedom!

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