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If you’ve recently become a part of Mary Kay, welcome! Before you embark on this journey, let’s delve into what you can expect from Mary Kay and how Pink Truth fits into this picture.

An Honest Letter to New Mary Kay Beauty Consultants

Greetings, fellow Mary Kay enthusiasts! As someone who has spent nearly a decade in this business, I feel compelled to share some insights that your director or recruiter may have missed.

Chances are, your loved ones aren’t as enthusiastic about your Mary Kay dreams as you are. Your director may explain that they simply don’t understand the workings of Mary Kay and are concerned about your wellbeing. They might even encourage you to prove them wrong by making money in this business.

But here’s the truth – it’s not that simple. By now, you may be envisioning yourself as a Star consultant with a thriving store, zooming up the career ladder and qualifying for a free car. During your interview, you were probably told various things, such as:

  1. We’re looking for women who aren’t the “sales type.” It’s important to note that selling cosmetics and recruiting new members are at the core of this business. Selling is the lifeblood, regardless of any glossed-over explanations.

  2. We’re looking for busy women. Being busy and delegating tasks are valued qualities. This means you need to incorporate at least one Mary Kay activity into your weekly routine, whether it’s a success meeting, a class, a facial, or making phone calls to book appointments and manage orders. To be realistic, plan on investing a minimum of 5 hours per week. While you’ll have some flexibility, if you don’t put in the hours, you won’t make any money. A work-life balance is difficult to achieve.

  3. You have more month than money. You were promised that products would fly off the shelves and almost sell themselves. Furthermore, you were assured a 50% profit on every product sold. However, this promise is far from the truth. A portion of your “profit” will be used to purchase supplies, samples, and mailing accessories. On top of that, you might be encouraged to buy business accessories, enroll in the Preferred Customer Program, or offer heavy discounts on products to attract customers. The 50% discount only lasts for three months, after which you must meet a minimum order requirement to continue receiving the discount. Making a profit might take longer than expected.

  4. You don’t know anybody. You were told that this wouldn’t be a problem and that you’d eventually have loyal customers who would pay full price. However, the reality is that once you exhaust your family and friends, you’ll need to search for new customers. You might be advised to start conversations with strangers by giving them sincere compliments, with the hope of convincing them to host a Mary Kay class. Finding new customers can be challenging.

  5. You will receive free training. While some training may be provided, you’ll likely be required to pay a weekly meeting fee to your director. Additionally, attending company and area events, such as Career Conference and Seminar, will be touted as essential for your growth. However, these events come with costs that are often higher than what the free products can compensate for. Be aware that not all training expenses can be deducted for tax purposes.

  6. We’re looking for decision-makers. You’ll be encouraged to sign the agreement as soon as possible, with extra incentives for signing by specific dates. There might be pressure to submit your agreement before the month or quarter ends to benefit your recruiter or director financially. Remember, if the deal is truly worthwhile, it will still be there when you’re ready.

  7. We value your family. Your children are said to be your motivation, not an excuse. However, you’ll discover that children are rarely welcomed at Mary Kay events. Even if your child falls ill, you’ll still be expected to attend meetings and gatherings. Mary Kay takes precedence over family events and personal celebrations. You’ll need to hire a non-Mary Kay makeup-wearing sitter, as they prefer cash payments instead.

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Now, let’s address a few other important points:

  • Mary Kay doesn’t keep track of what you sell, only what you order. In their eyes, you are the end consumer. Contrary to claims, Mary Kay hasn’t been the number one skin care and cosmetics brand for 13 out of 14 years. This statistic has been manipulated. Mary Kay primarily sells products to consultants like yourself, which is how they earn their revenue.

  • The “Star Consultant” program is designed to encourage you and other unit members to order more products. However, the value of the prizes you’ll receive at each level is significantly smaller than advertised. The company purchases them for much less than the retail value.

  • Success meetings often focus on recruiting new members. Your director may even offer incentives for bringing in potential recruits. While recognition is given for sales, remember that your director’s goal is to recruit these individuals, potentially turning your friends into your competitors.

  • Your director’s income may be exaggerated. They’ll mention their largest commission checks without deducting their expenses. The hours they claim to work are likely an understatement, as they often work more for less income. Not every director enjoys executive-level earnings, and those “free” cars may actually be financed if their unit is small.

  • Your director may offer rewards for placing minimum orders by specific dates to boost their commission. This ensures their production reaches a certain level to generate a commission check for themselves.

I wish I could tell you that Mary Kay is a guaranteed success, but unfortunately, making money in this business is unlikely. Instead, you may find yourself manipulated into ordering more inventory than you can sell at any given time. Mary Kay operates as a multi-level marketing company, benefiting those at the top at the expense of women like yourself. Your income and progression are not solely in your control, as your success relies on other people.

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The individuals who express skepticism in your life are the ones speaking reality. Your director and recruiter might be deceiving themselves and you about this “opportunity.” Remember, they’re not your true friends and don’t have your best interests at heart. They merely want to profit from your belief in this dream. It’s crucial to protect yourself.

Take some time to explore Pink Truth on Simple Money Tips – Steps To Financial Freedom. While Mary Kay perceives it as a negative website, it serves as a lifeline for those who have walked the same path you’re on now. Consider stepping away from Mary Kay and connecting with us at Pink Truth.

Best regards,

Your fellow consultant