How To Make Money on Facebook: 6 Best Ways To Try Now

How to Make Money on Facebook: 6 Best Ways To Try Now

While Facebook may not have the same popularity it once had, it still boasts an impressive number of monthly active users, surpassing other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. With its massive user base, Facebook continues to offer opportunities for individuals and businesses to make money. In this article, we will explore six effective ways to monetize your Facebook audience in 2023.

Before You Start: Check Your Facebook Monetization Eligibility

To make money from your Facebook content, you must first ensure that you meet the platform’s eligibility requirements. These requirements are divided into three categories: Facebook Community Standards, Partner Monetization Policies, and Content Monetization Policies. To check your eligibility, visit the Facebook section of your Creator Studio and navigate to the Monetization tab. Make sure to review the Community Standards regularly, maintain high-quality content, and have the necessary rights to post your content.

1. Create Videos with In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads can capture the attention of your audience, especially when they are already engaged in watching a video. By strategically placing ads within your video content, you can increase the chances of viewers watching the entire ad. Brands like LIFEWTR have successfully used in-stream ads in their Facebook campaigns to tell compelling stories and raise brand awareness. To get started, think about the stories you can tell about your brand and incorporate natural pauses in your videos where in-stream ads can be inserted. Remember, you need to meet Facebook’s eligibility criteria and have at least 10,000 page followers to run in-stream ads.

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2. Add a Paid Subscription to Your Page

Fan subscriptions offer a way to generate consistent monthly revenue by providing exclusive content and discounts to your most loyal followers. Brands like The Vegan Baker have created separate Facebook Groups for their supporters, charging a monthly fee to access exclusive content and discounts. Users can also send tips through Facebook’s stars feature to support their favorite creators. Currently, fan subscriptions are available on an invitation basis and require certain follower and engagement criteria.

3. Collaborate with Brands

Partnering with relevant brands can help expand your reach and diversify your content. By collaborating with brands like Jasper’s Boutique, you can create content that appeals to both your audiences and reach new followers. To begin collaborating with brands, you need to request access and utilize the Brand Collabs Manager for collaboration opportunities. This method works best for pages with an active following that posts non-risky content.

4. Earn Money Directly from Your Fans

Facebook’s emphasis on organic video content presents an opportunity for creators and influencers to earn monetary rewards. By completing a series of challenges, such as generating a specific number of views on a Facebook Reel, you can earn rewards of up to $4,000 per month. Creators like Paula Garcia leverage this feature by creating Reels specifically for Facebook to increase their views, likes, and comments.

5. Run Paid Events Online

Engage your followers by hosting paid events on Facebook. With this feature, you can schedule, set up, and run events through your page, making it convenient for your audience to participate from home. Jasper’s Market, for example, successfully hosts and advertises events on its Facebook Business page, allowing fans to purchase event access directly. This method helps reach new audiences interested in different types of events and generates engagement among followers.

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6. Drive Visitors to Your Online Store

Facebook’s social commerce features enable you to direct potential customers from your Facebook page to your online store. By creating shoppable ads and compelling calls to action, you can capture your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your Shopify store. Clothing brand QUEENSHOP successfully utilized Facebook’s Live Shopping feature to drive sales and increase return on ad spend. To get started, add your product catalog to your Facebook page’s Catalog Manager and link relevant products when posting images or videos.

Conclusion: Diversify Your Earnings

While Facebook provides numerous opportunities to make money, it’s important not to rely solely on one platform or feature. Diversify your earnings by exploring other platforms and channels to ensure a steady stream of traffic and revenue. As organic reach on social media decreases and consumer skepticism towards paid advertising grows, it’s crucial to adapt and explore multiple avenues for financial success.

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