How to Make Money with Facebook Ads (Best Methods)

Video how to make money with facebook ads

Facebook ads have revolutionized digital marketing, offering businesses an effective way to reach their target audience. However, it takes more than just creating a campaign to see results. At Simple Money Tips, we have successfully managed Facebook Ads accounts for clients across various industries, helping them generate substantial returns on their investment. In this article, we will share some of the best practices you should follow to make money with Facebook Ads.

Best Ways to Make Money with Facebook Ads

  1. Track the right on-site metrics

The first step to making money with Facebook Ads is to track the right metrics. Understanding what is happening on your site allows you to make necessary improvements. Here are the key on-site metrics you should focus on:

  • Purchases: Measure the total number of purchases directly resulting from your Facebook Ad campaigns. This indicates the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.
  • Add to carts: Measure the number of people who add a product to their shopping cart after clicking on your Facebook Ad. Compare this with the total number of purchases to determine your abandoned cart rate.
  • Checkouts initiated: Measure the number of people who start the checkout process but don’t complete it. This helps you identify your abandoned checkout rate.
  • Form submissions: Track the number of people who complete a form, such as an email opt-in. This allows you to market to them directly, increasing the chances of bringing them back to your store.
  1. Use custom and lookalike audiences

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are powerful, allowing you to create highly targeted audience segments. Two audience targeting options that can help you make money with Facebook Ads are custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

  • Custom audiences: Create defined lists of people to target with your campaigns. You can create audiences based on website visitors, customer lists, app visitors, and engagement with your business pages on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Lookalike audiences: Reach new prospects by targeting people who share characteristics with your existing audience. Create lookalike audiences using source audiences, such as website visitors, app visitors, and customer information lists.
  1. Setup your Facebook sales funnel
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Treat Facebook Ads like any other marketing channel by creating a funnel that guides customers through different stages before making a purchase. Simplify the funnel into three stages:

  • Acquisition: Find new audiences to target through custom and lookalike audiences. Warm them up before moving them through the rest of your funnel.
  • Retargeting: Target people who have engaged with your ads but have not made a purchase. Advertise to those who saw your ad, engaged with your Facebook business page, clicked through to your website, or viewed your Facebook shop catalog.
  • Retention: Promote ads to your existing customers, offering highly targeted cross-sell and upsell products. Use different ad types like dynamic product ads to automate the process.
  1. Use Video Ads in your campaigns

Videos are highly engaging and can significantly improve the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns. Shorter videos perform better, with the ideal length being around 10 seconds. Engage users early in the video to increase viewership. Use video ads with different ad types, such as slideshow, stories, carousel, collection, messenger, instant experiences, and premium video.

  1. Use Cost Cap to control your costs

Optimizing your ad spend is crucial for a positive return on your Facebook advertising campaigns. Consider using the cost cap bid strategy, which allows you to set an average cost for the event you want to optimize, such as add-to-cart or sale. Facebook dynamically adjusts bidding to maximize results within your budget.

  1. Split your campaigns into countries/regions

Segment your ad campaigns based on geographic criteria to improve performance. Avoid grouping multiple countries or regions into the same campaign. By segmenting your campaigns, you can use targeted ad creatives that resonate with specific regions or cities. It also gives you more control over your budgeting and cost control.

  1. Optimize your Landing Pages
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Create effective landing pages to convert visitors into sales. Optimize your landing pages for mobile devices since the majority of Facebook traffic comes from smartphones. Focus on speed, create unique mobile landing pages, optimize forms, use shorter copy, limit images, and condense the navigation menu.

  1. Monitor the right metrics

Track key advertising metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. Important metrics to monitor include click-through rate, link clicks, amount spent, impressions, reach, CPC, cost per add to cart, cost per result, purchases conversion value, and cost per purchase.

  1. Use a Facebook Catalog for Products

Utilize Facebook Catalog to advertise your products effectively. Create different ad types like carousel ads, collection ads, dynamic ads, and collaborative ads using your catalog. Customize your Facebook Shop layout to showcase your products. You can also list items on the Facebook Marketplace using your catalog.

Follow these best practices to make money with Facebook Ads and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. For more financial tips and guidance, visit Simple Money Tips – Steps To Financial Freedom.