PoE Currency Farming

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Are you looking to farm currency in Path of Exile? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore some effective strategies to help you accumulate wealth and achieve financial freedom in the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these tips will surely come in handy. So, let’s get started!

Sell Items for Currency

One of the best ways to farm currency items is by selling items to other players. While selling items to vendors may not get you a great price, trading with other players can be quite profitable. To do this, you’ll need to buy a Premium Stash Tab or upgrade to one. Then, simply set a selling price for each item. You can search for prices on Path of Exile Trade or PoE Trade.


Another way to farm currency items is through Heist encounters. These encounters offer a variety of currency and valuable items. However, be careful as dying during a Heist will cause you to lose all the items you’ve collected. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Prioritize picking up currency items first, then leave the Heist area and store them in your Stash. Repeat this process until the Alarm Lock is full.
  • Buy Heist contracts and level up before entering the Heist area. This will increase your chances of obtaining more currency. Note that you won’t receive Blueprint reveal bonuses if you level up too quickly.

Leveling Gems

Leveling gems can be a time-consuming process but can also yield a significant amount of currency items. Awakened gems, in particular, are highly valuable. To level gems, you can either level them in your weapon swap to sell on the market or find valuable gems and level them up. Once a gem reaches level 20, you have several options to maximize its value:

  • Sell the gem as is to other players if you prefer a safe payout.
  • Use a Vaal Orb to try and get a level 21 gem or increase its quality. Note that corrupted 20/20 gems are worth less.
  • Keep the gem and use Doryani’s Institute to try for two different Vaal outcomes, such as a 21/23 gem.
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Additionally, there are Harvest crafts that allow you to awaken gems with corresponding awakened gems. These crafts can help you obtain valuable Gemcutter’s Prisms or Facetor’s Lenses.

Buy PoE Currency Cheap

If you’re looking to quickly acquire currency, you can consider purchasing it from reliable sources. Here are a couple of options:

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Keep in mind that purchasing currency should be done cautiously. Stick to reputable sellers and always ensure the safety of your account.

Chaos Orb Recipe

Once you reach Act 9, you can start utilizing the Chaos Orb recipe to earn more currency. In areas with a level above 60, pick up all the rare items and sell a full rare set of items to vendors.

Speed is King

Increasing your movement speed not only allows you to collect more items but also improves your chances of survival. Killing monsters and opening reward boxes are the primary sources of currency in the game. Therefore, the faster you can clear areas and defeat monsters, the more currency you’ll accumulate. Invest in improving your movement speed, area-of-effect damage, and single-target damage to maximize your efficiency.

Build a Strong Character

Choosing the right class and building a strong character is crucial for efficient currency farming. PoE Ninja Builds is a helpful website where you can find the best class and learn how to optimize your character.

Vendor Recipes

Rather than selling a single item to a vendor, you can utilize vendor recipes to earn more currency. Here are a few recommended recipes:

  • Chaos Orb recipe: Sell a full set of rare items (Level 60 to Level 74).
  • Six socketed item for 7x Jeweler’s Orbs.
  • Linked red, green, and blue socketed item for a Chromatic Orb.
  • Set of 40% total quality gems for a Gemcutter’s Prism.

Divination Cards

Farming divination cards is an easy way to earn currency items. Each card represents a specific valuable item, and you can find their prices on PoE Ninja. Choose a suitable location to farm and collect the required cards to exchange for valuable items.

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In Path of Exile, time is valuable when it comes to currency farming. To maximize your currency per time ratio, focus on increasing the value of your actions. Here are some methods to improve your efficiency:

  • Craft maps to increase pack size, item quantity, and item quality.
  • Use sextants and complete master missions to add more monsters to maps.
  • Increase your character’s area-of-effect and single-target damage.
  • Utilize movement skills and increase your movement speed.
  • Reduce the time spent collecting loot and interacting with map objects.
  • Minimize the number of teleports to hideout or town.
  • Optimize your time spent in hideout or town.

Item Filter

Using an item filter can significantly improve your currency farming experience. By highlighting valuable currency items and hiding low-value drops, you can save time and focus on collecting the most valuable items. You can find popular item filters here.

Endgame bosses

Killing bosses is a popular concept in RPG games, and Path of Exile is no exception. Take on endgame bosses for a chance to obtain valuable loot and currency.

Six Linked Socketed Items

If you come across a six-linked item, it can be sold to a vendor for a Divine Orb. Some six-linked items, particularly those with good stats, may be worth more to other players due to the opportunity to increase active skill damage with support gems.


Sentinels are exclusive items found in the Sentinel league. They can be deployed to empower enemies, making them stronger but more rewarding. Sentinels drop unidentified but cannot have their mods modified. Utilize Power Cores to combine and create new Sentinels with unique mods.

Immortal Syndicate

Interact with Immortal Syndicate members by completing Jun missions. Choose members with good rewards, increase their ranks, and promote them to branch leadership. Run safehouses for valuable rewards and sell them to other players. Immortal Syndicate members provide various chests with different valuable rewards, including currency.

PoE Expedition Farming

During the Expedition league, you can find a new challenge with increased currency and valuable items in each area. Explore the Expedition Logbook for a chance to obtain a large number of valuable items. Master the new challenge mechanics and make more currency items.


Bestiary is another interesting mechanic in Path of Exile. Help Einhar capture beasts, itemize them with Bestiary Orbs, and sell them to other players. Some beasts also generate currency when killed in the arena. Check the market prices for valuable beasts and craft valuable items using Beastcrafting recipes.

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Delve into the Temple of Atzoatl, a unique dungeon with many rooms. Explore different rooms such as the Vault, Treasure, and Wealth of Vaal for valuable currency drops. Each room offers different rewards, so choose wisely.


Encounter Timeless Monoliths in maps and engage in Legion encounters. Defeat monsters and collect Splinters to assemble Timeless Emblems, which can be valuable items on the market. Legion encounters can also reward incubators, which can be sold for profit.


Engage in Blight encounters on maps and defeat waves of enemies. Successfully completing Blight encounters rewards you with chests containing valuable items, including currency. Additionally, Blighted Maps can be highly valuable and sought after by players.


Encounter Metamorphs in maps and collect their organs to create powerful boss encounters. Different organs have various rewards, including currency items, oils, incubators, scarabs, and fossils. Assemble powerful Metamorphs for a chance at valuable rewards.


Enter Delirium mirrors in maps to unleash hordes of empowered monsters. Defeat as many monsters as possible to earn various rewards, including currency items, oils, incubators, scarabs, and fossils. Delirium encounters provide an exciting challenge with great potential for currency farming.


Harness the power of Harvest mechanics by growing plants in your personal groves. Harvested plants offer valuable crafting rewards that can be traded with other players. Collect seeds from seed caches on maps and trade them for profit.


Complete The Lord’s Labyrinth to progress in your character’s ascendancy tree. The labyrinth offers various rewards, including chests that can drop multiple currency items. The endgame Eternal Labyrinth is known to provide better currency rewards.


Explore the depths of the Azurite Mine and uncover valuable loot. Farm currency by directly collecting currency nodes or trading Azurite for resonators that can be sold on the market. Delve also offers opportunities to find valuable fossils that are in high demand.

By utilizing these strategies and exploring the different mechanics in Path of Exile, you can increase your currency farming efficiency and accumulate wealth. Remember, persistence and smart decision-making are key to achieving financial freedom in the game. So get out there and start farming that currency!