How to Make Money with a Cargo Van? – Here are 11 Effective Ways

Video how to make money with a cargo van

Are you searching for innovative ways to make money using cargo vans? Look no further because there are plenty of lucrative cargo van business opportunities available today. In fact, the full-size van market is projected to reach 8.13 billion USD by 2022. Cargo vans play a crucial role in the transportation industry, presenting various avenues for making money through delivery services and other interesting businesses. In this article, we will explore 11 effective ways to capitalize on the potential of your cargo van.

Role and Responsibilities of Cargo Van Owners

Cargo van owners are self-employed truck drivers who own and drive commercial trucks. They perform the same functions as truck drivers but specifically with cargo vans. These individuals may work as independent contractors, setting their own hours, or in contracted or freelance roles for different companies. Typically, cargo van owners start their careers as delivery professionals for trucking companies to gain experience before venturing into their own businesses.

The responsibilities of cargo van owners include transporting cargo to specified destinations, inspecting delivery vans and equipment for operability, conducting emergency repairs when necessary, maintaining records of delivery services and maintenance, communicating with client firms to avoid misunderstandings, notifying customers of any damage or unexpected events, and planning delivery routes. Planning routes can be a challenging task, but with the help of Upper software, cargo van owners can efficiently plan routes, gain control over schedules, and make last-minute changes easily.

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11 Effective Ways to Make Money with a Cargo Van

Now, let’s dive into the different ways you can make money with a cargo van:

1. Launch a mobile pet grooming business

Offering a unique and convenient service, a mobile pet grooming business is gaining popularity among busy pet owners. With your cargo van serving as a mobile grooming station, you can drive to your clients’ homes and provide grooming services. Charging over $50 per grooming session that takes only an hour to complete, you can quickly build a loyal client base and earn referrals.

2. Use your cargo van as a mobile billboard

Transform your cargo van into a mobile advertisement and earn passive income. Many companies and advertisers are looking to promote their brands using vehicles. By partnering with local businesses or ad-wrapping companies, you can wrap your van with advertisements or branding stickers and earn around $450 per month. You can drive around town, run errands as usual, and get paid for displaying the ads, without any damage to your van’s paint.

3. Provide moving services

Help people relocate and move their belongings by offering moving services. This is a demanding service that saves effort and time for individuals who are moving. However, ensure that you have a valid driver’s license, liability insurance, special licenses, and permission to move household goods, as different states may have specific regulations for moving services. Equip your cargo van with cargo straps, canvases, moving blankets, and dollies to provide a reliable moving service.

4. Offer towing services

As long as there are vehicles on the road, towing services will always be in demand. If your cargo van is capable of towing other vehicles, you can provide towing services and earn extra income. Apart from the financial aspect, towing services are fulfilling as they assist people in stressful situations. To secure regular work, network with various businesses and ask for referrals.

5. Rent out your cargo van

If you’re not using your cargo van regularly or facing slow days as an independent contractor, consider renting out your vehicle. Many businesses require cargo vans for their operations, and small businesses often prefer renting rather than buying new vans. List your van on reputable car rental platforms to attract potential renters. Prioritize safety by verifying the legitimacy of the renting company.

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6. Provide hauling services

Although cargo vans are primarily used for delivery services, you can leverage them for other local businesses by offering hauling services. Hauling services involve transporting bulk goods or raw materials over long distances. This service is especially popular in big cities, where people are willing to pay for someone to haul their junk away. You can charge a flat rate for hauling junk or even pick up items like furniture or appliances, repair them, and sell them for a profit.

7. Make food delivery services

In addition to transporting goods, you can also deliver food using your cargo van or even convert it into a food truck. With the rise of food delivery apps, the demand for food deliveries is high. Not only can you earn an hourly wage, but you can also receive tips from customers. Alternatively, you can work with platforms like Amazon Flex to deliver packages, providing a convenient opportunity to earn money part-time or full-time.

8. Offer retail deliveries

Small businesses, such as hardware stores, appliance stores, and thrift shops, often require delivery drivers to transport large items to their customers. Retailers also need prompt and last-minute delivery services. By reaching out to local businesses, you can establish partnerships and offer your cargo van for deliveries.

9. Start a flower delivery business

Start a mobile florist business and earn extra cash by delivering flowers for special occasions. However, ensure that your town or city does not have intense competition, and there is a reliable supply of quality flowers and a suitable climate for maintaining freshness.

10. Own a pressure-washing business

If you’re looking to earn more than average, consider starting a pressure-washing business. Cargo vans are ideal for this type of business and, although it requires some upfront costs, it can be a lucrative venture. Pressure washing involves cleaning various surfaces, and the average hourly pay in this industry is approximately $14.87.

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11. Start a home improvement business

If you have the skills and passion for home improvement projects, starting a home improvement business is a great option. Use your cargo van to transport your tools and equipment to clients’ homes and offer services such as tiling, floor installation, cabinetry, or painting. Explore different niches and choose the one that aligns with your preferences.

These are just a few examples of how you can make money with a cargo van. By choosing the right business idea, you can create a successful venture and even explore new places while making new customers.

Find Cost-effective Routes for Your Cargo Van on Upper

Running a successful cargo van business requires efficient route planning. With technological advancements, it’s essential to embrace tools that streamline your operations. Upper software is your all-in-one delivery solution that helps your delivery drivers plan and optimize routes in minutes.

Upper offers exclusive features such as last-mile delivery solutions, estimated time of arrival (ETA) data, customer notifications, and real-time alerts. By maximizing the efficiency of your routes, you can handle high delivery demands during peak seasons without the need for additional drivers. Start your 7-day free trial with Upper and discover how it can revolutionize your cargo van business.


In conclusion, there are numerous opportunities to make money with a cargo van or truck. We have compiled 11 practical and effective business ideas to help you capitalize on these lucrative opportunities. It’s essential to track your income and expenses to ensure profitability. Don’t hesitate to charge a premium if your business is thriving. Embrace any of these ideas and embark on your journey towards financial success.