How to Make Money as a 3D Artist (9 Fulfilling Ways)

Video how to make money with 3d modeling

There are numerous ways to make money as a 3D artist. But the real question should be: How do you want to make money as a 3D artist? It’s essential to focus on doing what you love, what fulfills you, and what gives you purpose in life. Instead of adjusting to the industry and creating whatever a client wants, shouldn’t you create what you are passionate about and attract the right customers and clients to you?

Creative jobs in the 3D industry, which allow you to create entire worlds and stories digitally, have the potential to fulfill you to your core. 3D should be about more than just paying the bills. It should be about telling stories, building audiences, and sharing a common vision.

The 3D Artist’s Dilemma

However, the reality for 3D artists is different. Today, everyone wants to pay less, and the value of 3D skills seems to have plummeted. The global competition can be excruciating. In this market, even a mediocre 3D artist can find work easily. But is that enough? Is settling for less than your best fulfilling?

To combat this dilemma, 3D artists may consider taking on multiple jobs, learning new skills, or accepting low-quality and tedious work for a meager salary. But is this the career you envisioned? Should you give up on your dreams of working in a creative industry that could make your aspirations come true?

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Why Are You a 3D Artist?

The answer lies in your love for 3D. You love creating new worlds, characters, and stories. You enjoy bringing your ideas to life and achieving realistic renderings. You want to make cars explode, dragons fly, heroes succeed, enemies surrender, and captivate the world with imagery they have never seen before.

What is the Ultimate Goal of a 3D Artist?

As a 3D artist, your ultimate goal is to be remembered, be an authority in your field, be needed, liked, and respected for your artistic and technical skills. You want to visualize your thoughts, emotions, and overcome your past limitations. You want to be fulfilled by what you do and find purpose in it. You want to be unique and original, marketing your own vision rather than others’. Ultimately, you want people to value and appreciate your work.

Make Millions or Be Happy With Enough?

If you earned your first million, would you stop working and do nothing for the rest of your life? Probably not. The pursuit of money should not outweigh personal growth and fulfillment. The path to success lies in continuously improving and learning, regardless of financial gains. True passion and dedication drive you to work hard, no matter the circumstances. Only when you are truly passionate about your projects and still continue working on them, even after achieving financial success, can you be certain that you are in the right industry.

State of the 3D Industry

Globalization and technology have transformed the 3D industry. Outsourcing to low-wage countries has reduced costs, and advancements in technology have automated certain tasks. This has led to increased competition and bidding wars on freelance platforms. To compete, 3D artists must learn not only creative skills but also the business aspect of the industry.

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Common Job Types in the 3D Industry

In the 3D industry, there are various job opportunities, including full-time or part-time employment, freelance work, and running your own business. Full-time employment offers steady income and project stability, while freelancing provides flexibility and the opportunity to work on specialized tasks. Running your own business allows for complete creative freedom and the potential to earn passive income.

The Top 9 Ways to Make Money as a 3D Artist

  1. Sell tools and plugins for 3D software: Utilize your coding skills to create plugins and scripts that optimize workflows and enhance software capabilities.
  2. Make money with material packs: Create and sell specialized materials that cater to different render engines and 3D packages.
  3. Sell courses on platforms like Udemy: Share your knowledge and expertise through tutorials and courses.
  4. Make money with a 3D printer: Utilize 3D printing technology to create and sell physical products that solve specific problems.
  5. Sell digital prints and posters: Turn your impressive renderings into prints and sell them online.
  6. Make money 3D modeling and selling models: Create and sell high-quality 3D models that cater to the needs of other artists and studios.
  7. Start a 3D blog and website: Share your insights, experiences, and tutorials with the 3D community and monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and ads.
  8. Create a children’s series for YouTube: Capitalize on the popularity of children’s content on YouTube and create high-quality animated series.
  9. Sell 3D renderings on stock-image and stock-video sites: Utilize your renderings and animations by uploading and selling them on these platforms.
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As a 3D artist, there are endless possibilities to make money and find fulfillment in your work. Whether you choose to work for a studio, go freelance, or start your own business, the key is to do what you love and build a fanbase that appreciates and values your work. By focusing on your passion and continuously improving your skills, you can achieve financial success and personal fulfillment in the dynamic world of 3D art.

How do you make money as a 3D artist, and are you fulfilled by it? Let us know in the comments.