How to make money on 1xBet: tips and advice

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Are you looking to make some extra cash through online betting? 1xBet is an excellent platform that offers a wide range of sports events for you to bet on. However, it’s essential to understand that a bookmaker’s office is a business whose main goal is to make money. But don’t worry, with the right strategies and knowledge, you can increase your chances of earning money on 1xBet. In this article, we’ll provide you with some valuable tips and advice to get started.

Sufficient Bankroll

One of the key factors in making money on 1xBet is having a sufficient bankroll. It’s crucial to have a clear strategy and consider your losing streak when determining your wagering amount. As a general rule, your bankroll should be equal to the size of 50 bets. This way, you can manage your funds effectively and reduce the risk of significant losses.

Knowledge of Sports

To make accurate predictions and analyze events effectively, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the sports you are betting on. Take the time to learn the basic rules of the chosen sport and follow the previous games of the athletes or teams. This will help you estimate the odds of winning and make informed decisions.

Profitable Sports

Choosing the right sports to bet on can significantly impact your chances of making money on 1xBet. Look for sports where the odds are higher compared to the competition, and the bookmaker’s margin is small. According to experienced players, tennis is a sport worth considering as it often offers favorable odds.

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Low Odds

While betting on favorites can have its disadvantages, beginners can still earn decent profits by focusing on small odds. The lower the odds, the higher the chances for the athlete or team to win. So don’t overlook the potential of smaller odds when placing your bets.

Simple Types of Betting

As a beginner, it’s advisable to start with single bets and avoid complicated expresses. Pre-match bets should be approached if you have prior experience in betting. By keeping your betting strategy simple, you can reduce the risk of making costly mistakes and increase your chances of earning money.

Pre-Match Bets

Learning how to predict games via pre-match betting is a valuable skill for beginners. Unlike live betting, pre-match betting allows you more time to evaluate events and determine the outcome. Take advantage of this extra time to conduct a detailed analysis of the teams or athletes’ previous performance and make more accurate predictions.

A Detailed Analysis of Events

Analyzing the history of previous meetings between teams or athletes and considering expert evaluations can greatly improve your betting outcomes. Take the time to research and gather relevant information to make well-informed decisions. A detailed analysis will help you identify patterns, trends, and potential opportunities for higher profits.

By following these tips, you can minimize your losses and increase your chances of making money on 1xBet. However, remember that betting involves risks, and it’s important to approach it responsibly. If you’re a beginner, consider taking advantage of the resources available in our betting school to gain further knowledge and improve your betting skills.

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How to Make Money at 1xBet Without Investing

Many novice bettors wonder if it’s possible to earn money on 1xBet without investing any funds. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not provide such an opportunity. To place bets and start your journey on 1xBet, you need to deposit a minimum amount of $1 or the equivalent in another currency.

After making a deposit, 1xBet rewards its players with a welcome bonus, which is equal to the deposit amount, up to $100*. This bonus can be wagered and transferred to your main account, allowing you to maximize your betting potential. Additionally, you can explore other bonuses and promotions in the PROMO section to minimize your betting investment.

How to Get Free Money on 1xBet

Bookmakers often use marketing tricks to attract new customers, including offering free bets, bonuses on the first deposits, and more. 1xBet is committed to delivering on its promises and provides realistic rewards through various promotions. As a newcomer, you can take advantage of a sign-up bonus that matches 100% of your first deposit, up to $100. Moreover, applying a promo code can yield an additional $20 bonus. To learn more about these bonus programs, check out the articles on our website.

1xBet also offers other promotions and free money opportunities. You can find detailed information in the PROMO section, where you’ll discover exclusive promotions based on specific actions and algorithms.

How to Raise Money on 1xBet Bets

Raising money on 1xBet bets requires careful planning and smart decision-making. It’s crucial to choose the right events to bet on, considering the correct odds and bet amounts. The recommendations mentioned earlier form the basis for successful betting. Additionally, taking advantage of basic strategies such as Kelly’s criterion, betting on overestimated odds, overlay, and managing the percentage of your bankroll can boost your chances of winning and raising money on the 1xBet platform.

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How to “Raise” Money on 1xBet Games

1xBet offers a wide range of gambling games on its website, attracting users who are interested in more than just sports betting. If you’re looking to “raise” money through gambling, relying solely on luck is not enough. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with popular betting strategies and understand the principles of the games you’re playing, such as slots, poker, and roulette. By learning how to calculate payoffs and making informed decisions, you can increase your earnings and avoid situational betting, which often leads to losses.

To delve deeper into successful gambling strategies and learn how to maximize your earnings on 1xBet games, we recommend reading our article on “How to Cheat Popular Games at 1xBet,” available in the section dedicated to materials about the bookmaker.


Making money on 1xBet is possible with the right approach, strategies, and knowledge. By following the tips and advice provided in this article, you can increase your chances of earning profits through betting and gambling. Remember to approach betting responsibly, manage your bankroll effectively, and continuously improve your skills through resources like our betting school. Start your journey on 1xBet today and enjoy the exciting world of online betting and gaming!

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*Or the equivalent in another currency.

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