How To Make Money As A Kid In 2023 – 6 to 16 Years Old

Video how to make money 6th grader

While kids can’t get a normal 9 to 5 like adults, there are still several ways for them to start earning some cash through side hustles and making money online. Whether you’re a parent looking to help your child out or a youngster wanting to get a head start on your money-making endeavors, there’s no shortage of options at your disposal.

Modern kids and teenagers have a ton of technology at their fingertips. This opens up a world of opportunities that older generations never had. Gone are the days of having to open up a sidewalk lemonade stand or picking up a paper route. These days, you can make money online in your spare time.

Learning how to make money as a kid is a great skill that can benefit you for the rest of your life. It gives you the chance to learn the value of a hard day’s work. Plus, you can finally afford all of those great things you want without having to beg your parents for extra money. Here are some of the best ways that you can make money as a kid.

Money Making Ideas That Kids Can Start TODAY!!!

1. Start a Blog – The Number 1 Easiest Way To Make Money

Starting your own blog can be very lucrative.

Starting your own blog can be very lucrative. There are several ways to monetize a blog. Your potential income depends entirely on how large your audience is. While some bloggers take years to find their niche and build up a following, others can start making some income pretty fast. All it takes is some good content that people want to see.

Ways I make money with my blog

  • #1 – Affiliate marketing. When someone clicks on one of my links and then buys something. Example: I recommend Bluehost. If you buy hosting through those links, I will get a small commission. Read more about affiliate marketing.
  • #2 – Ads. There’s not many ads on this site, but I do get paid every time someone clicks on them. You can use Google Adsense or other ad networks.
  • #3 – Sponsored posts. This is when a company pays for a post to written promoting their business on your site.
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The beauty of starting a blog is that there’s no age requirement or rules. You can write whatever you want whenever you want. Want to create a blog about your favorite video game? You’re bound to find an audience. Just be yourself and write about the things you’re passionate about. Once you have a good following, you can begin looking at ways to monetize your blog and start raking in the cash.

First thing you need is a domain name

Bluehost is offering a free domain name when you buy hosting from them. Use this handy tool to see if your domain name idea is available! I absolutely recommend Bluehost to all new bloggers. Their servers are fast, hosting costs only $2.95 per month and you get a FREE domain!

If you want to know more about getting your blog up and running in less than 30 minutes, head over to my How To Start a Blog tutorial. Also take a look at my best blog sites guide to help you choose the best blogging platform for you.

Need some more inspiration? Check out these successful blog examples. Also have a look at my How To Make Money With A Blog Guide.

2. Take Online Surveys – The Second Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Online surveys are easy to do. I make on average $350 per month with Survey Junkie. Many companies have apps that are looking for honest answers to simple questions. The surveys are designed to help advertisers get a better understanding of specific demographics.

While many survey sites are geared towards adults, some are also looking for the opinions of 12-year-old kids and younger. Check out sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie to see if you qualify for a survey. If you do, you can get paid in cash, points, or gift cards. Either way, you will be rewarded for your time.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become so powerful in the last decade that many kids dream of the day that they hit it big on the platform. Like blogging, you can easily make money off your videos with some followers.

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You can make some extra cash just talking about things you’re passionate about. Whether you’re into toys, movies, or video games, you can easily become part of a dedicated niche community. You have to be at least 13 years old to create a YouTube account. However, if you get your parents involved, your opportunities may grow even more.

Check out these YouTube stats. You might also be interested in learning how to start your own vlog.

4. Sell Used Items Online

Who doesn’t have some unwanted stuff lying around? Take a look through your closet and there’s a good chance you’ll find some clothes that don’t fit or toys that you’re not interested in anymore. Instead of wasting all of that valuable space in your home, why not sell that stuff online?

Platforms like eBay are great for getting rid of used products. Just create a listing, set a price, and ship off your items once they’re sold. It’s as easy as that. Just make sure you get your parent’s permission beforehand!

5. Advertise Yard Services

Performing yard work is one of the oldest kid jobs around. Your parents probably spent their summers tidying up neighborhood yards and mowing lawns. You can do the same. However, you have some extra tools to simplify the process a bit. Social media is a great place to advertise your services. All you have to do is join your local community group and let people know what you’re offering.

You can rake leaves, offer mowing services, water plants, and so much more.

6. Babysit

Like yard work, babysitting is a tried and true kid job. It’s a great option for 13-year-olds and above. You can advertise your services and rate on social media. Or, you can sign up for one of the many babysitting websites. These websites do all of the advertising for you, making it easy for potential customers to find you.

7. Make Jewelry

Do you have a penchant for creating jewelry? If so, you could sell your creations online. Platforms like Etsy are filled with handmade goods created by kids and teenagers. Custom woven jewelry and hand-sculpted beads are quite popular online. You can make some extra cash while feeding that creative itch.

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8. Become a Photographer

With just your phone, you can start a lucrative career as a photographer. Online stocks sites are a dime a dozen. These sites accept almost any kind of photo. Buyers can then purchase the rights to use your photographs on their site. You’ll get paid for every download. With the right portfolio of shots, you can make some good money selling your photos.

To make the big money with stock photography you really need to get a little bit of training. There are loads of photography tutorials/courses/classes that you can attend or watch online. YouTube has a wealth of knowledge on how to take great photos.

9. Start a Dog-Walking Business

Of all the business ideas out there that can be done by kids, dog walking is one of the most fun! Dog owners are always looking for reliable walkers that can help their canine companions get some exercise. You can easily advertise your services online or sign up for one of many official dog walking sites.

10. Wash Cars

Create your own car wash. A lot of people just don’t have time to wash their cars. It’s time-consuming and messy, so many folks are looking to hire someone else to do the job. You can be that person with the right gear!

Like babysitting and mowing, just advertise yourself on social media, go door to do (with an adult). If you want to make yourself really stand out, invest in some cleaning tools and products. You can market yourself as a full-service car washer, which leads to higher rates.

Car detailers often charge over $100 to clean a car inside and out. Having just 3 clients a week could potentially bag you over $15k a year in sales.

This is just a glimpse of the many ways kids can make money. Whether it’s blogging, selling items, providing services, or using your creative talents, there’s an opportunity waiting for you. With a little hard work and determination, you can start earning your own money and gain financial independence from an early age. So get out there, try something new, and take the first steps toward financial freedom!