How To Guide for Making 100 Extra Dollars a Day

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One hundred bucks is a nice chunk of pocket change, but it doesn’t have the buying power to change your life in any transformative way.

However, what if you could pull the right levers to ensure you earn $100 every day of the week, 365 days per year? Now that’s a difference maker. For many, it’s the missing link to six figures and beyond.

This might have been wishful thinking in a pre-internet era. After all, most workers simply traded their time and labor for money, meaning there was a ceiling to their daily earning potential. $100 in extra money per day simply wasn’t in the cards for the majority.

But now, our highly connected world is brimming with opportunities to make active and passive income outside the confines of the 9-to-5 grind and other traditional work arrangements. In other words, earning that daily hundred is feasible, no matter your situation.

As always, Steady is here to give you the blueprint to begin and the resources to get it done. Let’s get started.

What Are the Best Ways To Make 100 Extra Dollars a Day?

Everyone has responsibilities, preferences, and real-world limitations that will change how they approach the $100/day challenge. We’ve outlined more than a dozen ways to achieve that triple-digit number, accounting for various lifestyles and aptitudes.

Sell Products

Commerce is the buying and selling of goods at the most basic level, so what do you plan to sell? Clothes, electronics, and homemade crafts are always in demand. Position your store correctly online or in person, and you can easily earn $100 daily.

Top Features

When selling products, you can:

  • Specialize in a specific type of goods and build a reputation in that niche
  • Get started on Poshmark, Etsy, eBay, or another established platform
  • See limitless potential for growth and eCommerce opportunities

How To Get Started

Set up a store, post stuff online, and make money online. You’ll ship products out to the buyers like other eCommerce business models (e.g., Amazon) and then collect payment. Start small and scale up to turn this into a sustainable, high-profit business.

Bottom Line

This is the perfect beginner side hustle with unlimited upside in multiple product niches. Some hands-on effort is required to start, but momentum is easier to maintain over time.


A pillar of the gig economy, rideshare apps pay you to take people from A to B in your town or city. Discover the best time and place to drive and earn five-star reviews to generate more income with each session.

Top Features

When it comes to rideshare, consider the following:

  • Uber and Lyft are quick to start and payout weekly
  • Cash tips are expected from drivers in the city, especially in nightlife
  • Apps often run promotions and multipliers for payment boosts

How To Get Started

Download an app, enter your info, prepare your vehicle, and start completing rides anytime. Customers often reward a good attitude and customer service with tips and top reviews. This category includes InstaCart, which you can start as a side gig and make tons of cash quickly.

Bottom Line

The rideshare lifestyle can be a grind when treating it as a full-time job. However, you can earn $100 daily with just a few hours of focused driving at the right time and place.


Apps like DoorDash and Grubhub connect you with restaurants and customers, paying you to deliver food and groceries. Earn more during evenings and weekends, and earn extra cash for high-volume orders and priority clients.

Top Features

When working for a delivery service, you can:

  • Have a minimal learning curve and quick start time
  • Complete deliveries on bikes and scooters rather than cars
  • Work with several apps at once to maximize earnings
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How To Get Started

Create your profile in-app to get started delivering food within the same day. Prepare your vehicle for safe and secure delivery and optimize routes and schedules to earn more per hour.

Bottom Line

Food delivery may not pay as well as rideshare driving, so you may need to work more to hit the $100 mark. Use this strategy as a side hustle rather than a primary income stream.

Odd Jobs

You’ve got skills that other people need to make life easier. House cleaning, repairs, furniture moving, and assembly are all in-demand year-round. Capitalize on your skills and expand your offerings for even greater earning potential.

Top Features

The following points can help you get started with odd jobs:

  • Apps like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Upwork, and Thumbtack connect you with clients quickly.
  • Set your services and prices to achieve more competitive earnings
  • Good reviews and reliable service will boost your reputation with time

How To Get Started

Create a profile on an app or start from scratch with a solo business model. Clearly articulate what you can offer and set expectations for clients. Use referrals to your advantage and build a trusted client base to raise prices and expand your business.

You can take advantage of online survey sites like Survey Junkie to make good money or find freelance writing opportunities on sites like Fiverr. Becoming a freelance writer or online course teacher, in particular, offers an excellent opportunity to help people in your spare time and boost your financial freedom as you do.

Bottom Line

Specific tasks will always fetch high prices for a job well done. It’s not uncommon for top technicians to earn $50/hr or more. Develop your skill set and toolkit to become a well-rounded handyman (or woman) and profit in any economic conditions.


With the education industry overhauling, independent tutors and teachers are profiting handsomely. Market yourself in a popular niche and share knowledge with students online or in person — the more specialized and results-driven, the better.

Top Features

If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, consider these aspects:

  • Entry-level English teachers can start teaching through apps and services
  • You can build your own tutoring business to keep more profits for yourself
  • Creating digital courses and materials can help you earn passive income as well

How To Get Started

Some teaching platforms require a certification or degree, while others have looser standards. Find a service that fits your specifications and get started teaching online. From there, branch out into in-person tutoring and narrow down with focused subject matter for more earnings.

Bottom Line

With remote learning and parents reconsidering traditional education, there has never been a better time to get into the arena as an online teacher or tutor. Determine if certification or degree is worth the effort and pursue any number of profitable paths.

Virtual Assistant

Put your organizational skills to the test and get paid well for your efforts. Busy people need help coordinating schedules and completing administrative tasks, and you can fill these roles remotely. With more expertise and elite clientele comes better pay.

Top Features

As a virtual assistant, the following may be true:

  • There are plenty of entry-level opportunities to get started as a VA
  • Strong communication and organization skills are rewarded
  • Virtual assistant jobs open doors to new business opportunities and career paths

How To Get Started

Apply through established job boards and services to connect with people needing assistance online. Develop a client base and earn a polished reputation to charge more for your services. Reliability and consistency pay off in VAs, so commit long-term if possible.

Bottom Line

The perfect job for focused, productive taskmasters who thrive on helping others perform their best. Earnings may be slow to start but can ramp up quickly, and networking/future business possibilities are endless.

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Rent Space

Earn money to rent out the guest room, the attic, the basement, or just some extra storage space in the garage. Make even more by renting your home out when you’re away. Scale up this side hustle to earn semi-passive income through existing digital services like Airbnb.

Top Features

Renting a space can allow you to:

  • Choose exactly when you want to rent your space and set the rules
  • Separate your property from others with amenities and vital service
  • Rent areas of your current space or purchase separate properties

How To Get Started

Designate the space you wish to rent, then create a profile with a service like Airbnb with all the relevant information, photos, and more. Set the schedule of availability and be ready to communicate with a lot of people before agreeing on details of the stay, including potentially (depending on location and market price) a lot of money in payment.

Bottom Line

Not everyone feels comfortable renting out their space, whether at home or off-premise. However, this side hustle can be coordinated and scaled in several ways, along with automation strategies to make it more hands-off and passive.

Pet Care

The pet industry is booming, and busy pet parents are always looking for extra help. Launch your pet biz in a specific niche (walking, grooming, sitting) or generalize with several different services. Set your prices and earn a trusted reputation to turn this business into a money-making machine.

Top Features

When working in pet care, you can:

  • Enjoy working and caring for pets of all kinds.
  • Create a custom list of offerings and set a schedule on your terms
  • Get rewarded for great customer service and business acumen

How To Get Started

It only takes one client to earn money as a pet sitter or walker. You can quickly expand your client base and offerings with referrals and local marketing to make more than $100 per day.

Bottom Line

Anyone who loves pets can start this profitable venture ASAP and generate income with minimal time investment and overhead, making it a great side hustle option year-round.


You can turn specialized business, health, or lifestyle knowledge into a money-making operation with consulting. Position yourself as an expert and build a base of clients to turn this into a part-time or full-time gig.

Top Features

In a consulting position, you may be able to:

  • Leverage the knowledge you already have to help others improve
  • Give advice and work with others one-on-one, whether in-person or online
  • Create passive income from additional products like ebooks and courses

How To Get Started

It may take years of experience in a particular field to qualify as a high-earning consultant, but getting this service up and running only requires a website, social media presence, and networking.

Bottom Line

This isn’t an entry-level opportunity, but consulting can earn you $100 daily if you can execute a strong business strategy and deliver real-world results for your clients.

Customer Service

The art of customer service isn’t going anywhere in the digital age. Work with established companies to help customers reach solutions, and you’ll be compensated well for your efforts.

Top Features

When it comes to customer service positions, consider that:

  • Many customer service opportunities are now fully remote
  • You can master a service niche like technical support, financials, or retail
  • You may be able to climb the ladder from entry-level to managerial roles

How To Get Started

Starter jobs in customer service are available everywhere, and minimal experience is required to start. Set your availability to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and start earning quickly.

Bottom Line

The skills you develop in customer service are broadly applicable and last a lifetime. This is a great way to earn up to $100 by focusing on a specialty and maximizing earnings.

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From value investing to crypto returns and dividend portfolios, there are plenty of ways to earn $100 daily without active input. The more you invest, the more you can make and reinvest for even more significant gains.

Top Features

If you’re thinking about investing to make some extra cash, consider the following:

  • Investing apps are more accessible than ever to launch, and start putting your money to work.
  • Start simple with value stocks and ETFs while avoiding risk
  • Discover new investment opportunities and make riskier plays for more reward

How To Get Started

Connect with an investment broker through Steady and put a minimum investment into a mutual fund or ETF. Dividend portfolios are the most reliable way to reach that $100/day goal without having to make consistent trades.

Bottom Line

Everyone should be investing, so what are you waiting for? Read some tutorials online and get started ASAP, so you aren’t missing out on market gains.


We all want to be influencers, but how many of us put in the effort to build and monetize an online presence? This strategy takes time to deploy, but the payoff potential is enormous.

Top Features

In an influencing position, you may be able to:

  • Master social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Connect with an audience in a niche like fitness, cooking, finance, and more
  • Monetize your accounts with affiliate links, products, and collaborations

How To Get Started

Find an influencer you admire and reverse engineer their steps to build a following. Create original content that offers a good mix of information and entertainment. Monetize intelligently through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts or YouTube videos for online businesses and online stores, perhaps even sign on with a social media manager and watch the passive income start flowing.

Bottom Line

Becoming an influencer is easier said than done. However, making $100 in extra money on social media or a blog nowadays is possible with a few months of work and focus.


Join the Steady community and take control of your financial future while earning helpful Income Boosters and other income initiatives. Steady encourages you to make smart money moves and get ahead of the curve with saving, investing, budgeting, and much more.

Top Features

With Steady, you can:

  • Download and start using Steady on your phone within minutes
  • Connect your income accounts to get better insights and a complete view of your financial situation
  • Connect with jobs and financial services through the app and get rewarded with cash for making smarter financial decisions

How To Get Started

Starting with Steady could not be easier, and you can significantly improve your financial outlook in the app in less than an hour. Try it out and see for yourself, and be sure to link the app to friends for even more cash.

Bottom Line

No matter where you’re at in your career, Steady has features, insights, and resources to get you to the next level. This app is a great place to start if $100/day is your goal. Get started with the app and see what you can achieve.


If you commit to earning an extra $100 daily, just think about where you could be in one year if you apply these tips and follow through on that goal. Even if you don’t reach that number immediately, you’ll soon be on your way to a more robust, stable financial life.

If you need help making quick money, there’s no better tool to add to your arsenal than Steady. Check out our website to learn more.


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