Investing In Pickleball

Pickleball is booming and there are lots of ways to get involved.

If you’re thinking about investing in pickleball, there are plenty of opportunities.

And there are a lot of different platforms to invest in, as well as teams, leagues, companies, franchises, gambling, and more.

Pickleball itself is popular, and because of it, a number of cottage industries have sprouted.

What are some of the best ways to invest in pickleball? Well, read on:


Be on the lookout for well-run organizations like the PPA Tour and Major League Pickleball. Not only do these groups, like in the PPA’s case, administer large amateur tournaments, but they also have a professional component involved.

MLP has six tournaments per year. The PPA has more than 25, and they are in cities all over the country. These organizations are often paired with local investors or people on the national stage who are involved in pickleball.

Keep an out for organizations that promote and organize tournaments, leagues, and events. Some may offer opportunities to invest.


As pickleball has blossomed so has a lot of different media elements from podcasting to broadcasting on the internet and traditional cable TV.

There is so much content out there now that’s pickleball related, it could be a strategic move to align with a broadcast partner or figure a way to bring pickleball to the masses, via streaming or internet services.


With all the new players flooding into the game, these people need equipment. Maybe it’s paddles, balls, shirts, shorts, skirts, you name it. There’s no shortage of necessities for the everyday player.

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Consider investing in a company that manufactures equipment. Balls and nets are going to be in demand. So are paddles. There are dozens and dozens of paddle companies. Find one that you like and take a chance in getting into the hands of the public.

Same with pickleballs. The market is dominated by a few companies, but some research and development into a new ball or even net could be worth a look. Companies that sell equipment play a large role in distribution and are possibly the most important link in the chain that brings the sport to communities all over the world.


Because of the influx of new equipment, think about coming into pickleball from a research and development angle. A lot of paddle companies are looking for an edge, with spin, power, or whatever. Who’s doing their research and development? Is it on-site? Do they hire out? A firm that specializes in pickleball R&D could be worth investing in. You gotta think they’re busy.


Obviously, with all the new players, they need a landing spot to play. And there’s no shortage of new facilities opening all over.

Some are restaurants. Others are bars, with yard games and more. Some are just bare-bones, featuring a place to play. Whatever, there are a lot of them. There are even multi-sport complexes that feature all sorts of different opportunities, including pickleball.

Investing in companies that develop or companies that manage these facilities could be lucrative.

Places that offer pickleball as an attraction are extremely popular and the net worth of these places is seemingly soaring upward.

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Real estate

While it will take a more ambitious bankroll of money to get started, investing in real estate at the commercial level for pickleball could also work. Purchasing land where the construction of pickleball facilities could thrive is a notable option.

Beyond just a single facility, a significant investment would be a community based around pickleball. There are a number of them already and more in the works. Not just a retirement village, but a community based around an active lifestyle where pickleball could be featured.

Sports betting and gaming

With the growing popularity of the sport, companies that invest in gambling and gaming will likely add pickleball to their platforms.

Because pro pickleball is now so visible on the internet and other cable providers, there will be opportunities, and with more and more states adding legalized gaming, expect pickleball to eventually be part of it.

Check out the industry and see what opportunities might be out there.

Investments that don’t require a lot of capital

Not everyone has the portfolio to be buying land, or jumping into the deep end of an investment that requires a lot of capital.

There are other options like buying and reselling equipment. The paddle market is booming and the secondary market is, too. Look for “deals” on equipment, such as paddles, balls, or even nets. Purchase them at lower prices and sell them for more. There are a lot of platforms and forums that invite buyers and sellers.

Keep a close watch for startup businesses that focus on pickleball and its services. An established company might have an entry point that’s not accessible. However, a smaller company might have more options.

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Start a training service, or go into a business that does training in pickleball. If you have the experience and skill in playing pickleball, consider offering coaching or training to people and groups. It costs nearly nothing, especially if you can find a park or a free facility to train others.

Be wary

It’s important to do thorough research and analysis before getting involved in something significant. Consider factors such as the growth of pickleball and the financial health of the companies and businesses you’re thinking about involving yourself with.

While pickleball is popular now, there is always the chance the sport’s growth might face unseen challenges. It’s important to make informed decisions. Talk to people involved close and even tangentially with pickleball before making any investment.