The Panama Residence by Investment Program

Panama has a well-developed, service-based economy. The government’s residence by investment program is an opportunity for global investors to contribute to the tropical maritime nation’s development while acquiring residence status and the investment opportunities that come with the program. Under this program, high-net-worth individuals can make a contribution to the country and become Panamanian residents in 30 days or four-six months (depending on the investment option chosen), with the possibility to acquire citizenship after five years.

Benefits of a Panamanian golden visa

  • The right to live, work, and study in Panama
  • Access to the Central, South, and North American markets
  • Residence applicable to a spouse, children under 18, children aged 18-25 who are single, full-time students with no children, children of any age who are physically or mentally differently abled, and parents of any age
  • The home of the Panama Canal, one of the world’s most strategically placed and used waterway, the chief commodities carried through it being motor vehicles, products and grains, petroleum, and coal
  • Proximity to Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, allowing for better access to business opportunities with these nations

Panama golden visa requirements

To qualify for residence, applicants are required to select one of the following three investment routes:

  1. Qualified Investor Investments must be held for at least five years to maintain permanent residence status. Additional government fees for the main applicant and dependents apply. One of the following options:
    • Real estate investment of USD 300,000
    • Stock exchange investment of USD 500,000
    • Fixed-term deposit of USD 750,000 in the banking sector
  2. Friendly Nations For citizens of one of Panama’s ‘friendly nations’ (contact us for the latest list of friendly nations). One of the following options:
    • Real estate investment of USD 200,000
    • Fixed-term deposit of USD 200,000
    • Employment by a company in Panama for residence by labor reasons
  3. Forestry Investor Investment in a company that has a forest registry with the Ministry of Environment. One of the following options:
    • Real estate investment of USD 100,000
    • Investment of USD 100,000 in teak reforestation. This option grants two years of temporary residence, after which the applicant can apply for permanent residence
    • Investment of USD 350,000 in teak reforestation. This option grants immediate permanent residence
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Procedures and time frame of the Panama golden visa

Applications must include completed application forms and should be accompanied by the appropriate fees and supporting documents, including details and the source (abroad) of the investment funds and the investor’s general data. Depending on the investment option chosen, the following documentation will be required: certificates from the Panama Public Registry, the National Authority of Land Ownership, the Securities House, and a license and/or registration certificate from the Panama Stock Exchange, as well as authenticated copies of the resolution granting the entity keeping the invested securities and a copy of the time deposit certificate.

Once the initial due diligence checks have been completed, then the application can be submitted. After further due diligence checks, the applicant can fulfill the requirements and the application may be approved.

The processing time for the residence application from the submission of the application to its approval is 30 days under the Qualified Investor route, or four-six months under the Friendly Nations and Forestry Investor routes.

The permanent residence permits are issued immediately (subject to review by the National Immigration Service) under the Qualified Investor and Forestry Investor routes, and after two years of holding a temporary residence permit under the Friendly Nations route.

Panamanian citizenship following residence by investment

Successful clients can apply for Panamanian citizenship after five years of residence. Citizens of some Latin American countries and Spain may acquire citizenship after one-three years.