Gigafund is a venture capital firm backing the world’s most ambitious and transformative entrepreneurs. We make long-term concentrated investments in founders who are capable of growing with their companies and maximizing impact over a period of decades.

Building significant businesses that create or transform industries requires a different type of stamina, independent thought, vision, and backing. Before we invest in a company, we ask ourselves: Do we expect this company to be one of the world’s most significant and transformative businesses 20 years from today? Also, will this founder stick with their company for that period of time and ensure that it achieves its full potential?

Truly transformative companies rarely fit into pre-defined boxes. Limiting focus to “yesterday’s” best-performing industries will miss these companies. This is why Gigafund invests in all sectors, geographies, and stages, which is similar to the strategy that our founders successfully deployed at Founders Fund. We seek founders who look past short-term trends, industry structures, and technology opportunities and instead use first principles to solve the world’s biggest problems. These transformative businesses tend to produce very substantial gains in the long-term, which is why we expect that a long-term focus will outperform the traditional 10-year venture model when it comes to investments in this type of entrepreneur.

The difference between an average and an extraordinary business or entrepreneur becomes clear when looking out 20 years, which is why almost all of our funds will be invested into a handful of companies that we anticipate will become the world’s most significant. Most of the return potential from venture capital backed companies comes from 1-2 companies per decade.

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We have invested over $1 billion in SpaceX since starting Gigafund in July 2017. Our founders started backing the company during their time at Founders Fund. In 2008, Luke Nosek was the first venture capital investor to back SpaceX and has served on the board of the company since then. SpaceX currently dominates the commercial launch market and is developing significant businesses in telecom, transportation, and space exploration.

BloomTech (formerly Lambda School)

There are billions of people in the world without the tools to maximize their potential. We believe BloomTech will help fix that. BloomTech offers a risk-free education program with no upfront tuition that has helped students obtain life-changing increases to their income.

Luminous Computing

Luminous Computing is building the world’s most powerful and scalable AI supercomputer. Gigafund co-led the company’s seed round in 2019 with Bill Gates and Neo Fund and led the Series A round in 2020.

The Boring Company

The Boring Company’s mission is to end soul-destroying traffic by significantly reducing the cost of building underground tunnels.

Last Energy

Last Energy is creating clean, low-cost nuclear power to meet the world’s growing energy demands and reverse the effects of climate change.


In order to keep housing affordable, we need millions of new homes. Cover is preparing to mass manufacture high-end, well-designed homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing.

Sana Benefits

Sana Benefits helps small businesses save significant amounts on health insurance. Long-term, we believe the company will be in a position to fix the healthcare system and deliver better health outcomes at lower costs.

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Veryable is an on-demand labor marketplace that helps manufacturers manage fluctuations in supply and demand and accelerate growth, introducing innovations that will transform the manufacturing industry.

Atomic Machines

Atomic Machines aims to kickstart a new age of atomically precise manufacturing, beginning with significant improvements to the fabrication of micro-electromechanical systems.


Neuralink is building devices that will help people with paralysis, expand human abilities, and unlock new frontiers at the intersection of cognition and artificial intelligence.


LabGenius develops new protein therapeutics by using machine learning, synthetic biology, and robotics to rapidly explore an enormous number of potential proteins to find the ones that have the best properties for the desired application.


Othram’s forensic genomics technology has helped law enforcement crack cases at the local, state, and federal level, including a large number of cases that had been unsolved for decades.


Golden is building the world’s largest knowledge engine. They plan to provide deep and easily discoverable information on over 10 billion topics in order to create leaps in advancement, innovation, and thinking.

Sunroom Rentals

Sunroom Rentals transforms the residential rental experience by making it faster and more convenient for both renters and property owners.