Everything You Must Know Before Investing in Charging Stations for Your Business

As the world embraces the transition towards electric vehicles (EVs), businesses have a unique opportunity to lead the way for EV adoption. One of the key considerations for businesses looking to update their business model to include EVs in operations, is investing in EV charging infrastructure. However, before taking the plunge, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of charging infrastructure. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you must know before you invest in EV charging stations for your business.

How to Assess Your Business’ EV Charging Needs

It is essential to evaluate your business’ specific requirements before choosing an electric charging provider. Consider factors such as location, number of vehicles, and charging speeds when deciding on the charging station type.

The number of electric vehicles your business uses will determine the amount of EV chargers you will need on your lot. The speed of the charging station will also determine how many are needed, but typically it is at least 3 for every 10 vehicles. EV

Understanding Charging Station Types

There are various charging station types, ranging from Level 1 AC chargers to Level 3 DC fast chargers. Each type offers different charging speeds and capabilities, so understanding the differences will help you make an informed decision.

Level 1 electric vehicle (EV) charging is the slowest level of charging. It utilizes a J1772 chart port and a standard wall outlet to charge. This the type of charging that comes with the EV. It is often to slow to keep up with business and consumer needs as it takes 50+ hour to fully charge.

Level 2 EV charging is what most EV owners chose to upgrade to. While it is much faster, it still can take up to 10 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. For consumers, this is optimal for overnight charging, but for businesses looking to utilize EVs for their operations, this may not be fast enough.

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Level 3 or DC fast charging is the fastest level of EV charging available. DC fast chargers can take an electric vehicle from 20% to 80% in 30 minutes – 1 hour. Public DC fast charging stations do exist but can be unreliable and few and far between. This is the best option for businesses looking to utilize electric vehicles in their daily business operations.

Evaluating Charging Infrastructure Costs

Investing in charging stations involves costs beyond just the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). It’s crucial to consider installation expenses, electrical upgrades, ongoing maintenance, and any necessary permits or licenses. Each Level of EV charging station has its own installation requirements.

Level 1 EV chargers require little to no installation because they plug directly into a standard wall outlet. This makes Level 1 charging the lowest costing EV charger, but with the low cost comes low charging speeds.

Level 2 EV charging stations require a bit more installation. For consumers, it typically means an electrical upgrade, which is not always possible in some homes. For businesses this means getting an EV charging station installed on your business’ lot. The EVSE for a Level 2 EV charging station can cost up to $2,000 not including labor, electrical work, or permitting needed. Long lead times are also a factor when it comes to installing EV charging stations. Due to shortages, depending on where you are in the United States lead times can be up to 2+ years.

Level 3 charging stations are the most costly EV charging station to install. Not only is the equipment more expensive, but the installation requires trenching, digging, permitting, and extensive electrical work. In total it can cost up to $120,000+ for one DC fast charging station. The lead times for this equipment also is seeing lead times of up to 2+ years.

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With new innovations, there are cost effective ways to get DC fast charging without the long lead times, costly installation, and construction. SparkCharge has created the world’s first portable DC fast charger, the Roadie Portable, to address the hurdles of EV charging infrastructure. Using Roadie technology, SparkCharge developed an ultra-fast EV charging network, SparkCharge Fleet, to help businesses gain access to EV charging quickly and efficiently. SparkCharge Fleet can be up and running in as little as 14 days in the United States and has no upfront costs. Learn more about SparkCharge’s charging-as-a-service options.

Exploring Charging Network Options

Joining a charging network or partnering with an EV charging service provider can bring added benefits to your business. These networks offer access to a wider customer base, billing solutions, and technical support. Evaluate the available options and choose the network that best fits your business model.

SparkCharge offers three different charging-as-a-service programs so you can find what suites your business; SparkCharge Fleet, SparkCharge Out of Charge (OOC), and SparkCharge Mobile App.

SparkCharge Fleet was designed for businesses looking for a DC fast charging solution without the hassles of fixed infrastructure. This is a great option for businesses scaling with electric vehicles. Because SparkCharge is not tied to the grid while charging we can easily scale with your business as your needs evolve.

SparkCharge OOC is a great option for businesses looking for quick and convenient charging solutions that do not require a full charge. OOC can be used to keep electric vehicles at certain state of charge (S.O.C) or as a preventative measure to keep electric vehicles from running out of range on the road.

SparkCharge Mobile App is for consumer EV owners. Through our smartphone app, EV owners in Los Angeles County, CA and the Bay Area can order EV charging delivery to wherever they are parked.

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Planning for Scalability and Future Demand

Consider your future growth plans and projected demand for EV charging. Investing in scalable charging infrastructure ensures that you can accommodate increasing EV adoption and avoid the need for frequent upgrades.

Providing a Seamless User Experience

The user experience plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining EV-driving customers. Factors such as user-friendly interfaces, reliable connectivity, payment options, and customer support contribute to a positive charging experience that keeps customers coming back.

Leveraging Incentives and Grants

Explore available incentives, grants, and tax credits to offset the costs of installing charging stations. Many governments and organizations offer financial support to businesses investing in EV charging infrastructure as part of sustainability initiatives.

SparkCharge is dedicated to helping businesses navigate these incentives and programs. SparkCharge mobile EV charging solutions qualify for utility, federal, and state incentive programs. Learn more about the programs that SparkCharge can help you qualify for.

Optimizing Your Charging Services

Investing in charging stations presents an opportunity to enhance your brand image and attract a new customer base. Develop marketing strategies to promote your charging services, highlighting the benefits, convenience, and environmental impact of EV adoption.

Investing in charging stations for your business is a strategic move that not only meets the evolving needs of customers but also positions your business as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability. By understanding the various aspects of charging infrastructure, evaluating your business needs, and planning for future growth, you can make informed decisions that maximize the benefits of EV charging for your organization. Embrace the electric revolution and empower your business with a charging infrastructure that drives growth, customer loyalty, and a greener future.

Are you ready to take the next step towards integrating EV charging stations into your business? Contact us today to explore the best charging solutions tailored to your specific needs. Together, let’s electrify the future!