Anduril Stock: Mission IPO?

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Recent Anduril Stock IPO News

10/03/2023: Anduril Is in Talks to Raise More Than $400 Million 09/07/2023: Anduril Industries Acquires Blue Force Technologies 12/02/2022: Defense startup Anduril raises $1.48 billion in Series E 06/17/2021: Anduril raises $450M in Series D Funding 07/01/2020: Defense Contractor Anduril raises $200M Series C 09/11/2019: Palmer Luckey scores $1 billion-plus valuation in Series B

What is Anduril?

Anduril Industries is a defense technology startup that combines A.I., machine learning, and autonomous vehicles in combat systems.

The company’s origins trace back to 2017 when Palmer Luckey’s Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook (Meta) in 2014. Luckey teamed up with Palantir executives Matt Grimm, Trae Stephens, and Brian Schimpf.

The team recognized a disconnect between Silicon Valley and the U.S. government, seeing an opportunity to provide technological value to national security where pockets are deep.

Anduril is challenging the status quo of defense contracting, competing with legacy industrials such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman.

The name Anduril comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Anduril is the sword of Aragorn, one of the story’s protagonists (depicted by Viggo Mortensen in the famed movie series).

The Anduril flagship product, the “Lattice,” combines several modern technologies to create a comprehensive and real-time situational awareness platform.

By integrating data from various sources, such as drones, cameras, and satellites, the Lattice enables military personnel to make informed decisions and respond effectively to emerging threats.

Here’s a capability demonstration of the ALTIUS-600M loitering munition (suicide drone).

Anduril’s headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California.

Is Anduril Stock Publicly Traded?

No. Anduril is a private company.

Who Owns Anduril?

Anduril is a privately held startup. The ownership equity is made up of its founders, employees, and several high-profile venture capital investment firms.

The startup has raised more than $2 billion million since its founding. The latest Series E funding round raised $1.5 billion in December 2022.

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Prominent venture capital investors include Valor Equity Partners, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, 8VC, Lux Capital, Thrive Capital, DFJ Growth, Human Capital, Marlinspike, WCM Investment Management, MVP Ventures, and Lightspeed Ventures.

Anduril Valuation

The December 2023 $1.5 billion Series E funding round increased the Anduril valuation to $8.5 billion.

When is the Anduril IPO Date?

The Anduril IPO date is currently unknown.

The startup raised $1.5 billion in private funding in December 2022, which should provide adequate funding for research and operations for the time being.

The company also competes for large defense contracts, adding to the financial arsenal.

Having completed a Series E funding round, we can expect perhaps one more private round before an IPO. However, if the broader IPO environment improves, Anduril could be one deck for a public offering in the next 12-24 months.

If the company decides to pursue a public listing, watch for media reports about the company exploring a possible IPO with investment banks or a confidential S-1 filing with the SEC.

Bookmark this page for the latest developments.

What is the Anduril Stock Symbol? Anduril Ticker?

There is no Anduril stock symbol yet because it is a private company.

Here are a few Anduril ticker suggestions that appear to be available in the U.S.:

  • ANRL
  • ANDL
  • ARLI

What is the Anduril Stock Price?

A public Anduril stock price does not exist because the company is private.

Private stock price information is becoming more available and reliable based on pre-IPO marketplace data and other sources.

However, the stock price is only the value of one share. Like public companies, the underlying valuation metrics, revenue, profitability, and market sentiment toward private companies are more significant factors than the share price.

Can You Access Anduril Shares via Pre-IPO Marketplaces?

The author has not seen evidence of Anduril stock availability on pre-IPO investing platforms.

With the Series E funding round raising the Anduril valuation above $8 billion, early equity holders may soon look to pre-IPO marketplaces for liquidation options.

Check out our list of top pre-IPO investing platforms for current share availability across platforms.

How to Invest in Anduril Stock

Since Anduril is a private company, it is challenging to become a shareowner today. Most retail investors will not have a viable path to pre-IPO ownership.

However, you can increase your chances of early equity ownership or obtain shares in the IPO by exploring the options below.

Accredited investors have better access to pre-IPO investing platforms, but non-accredited investors can monitor venture capital funds to access shares in the future.

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1. Access Anduril stock via pre-IPO investing platforms

The author has not seen evidence of Anduril stock availability on pre-IPO marketplaces.

Interested investors should monitor pre-IPO equity platforms such as Equitybee, Linqto, Forge Global, and EquityZen for share future share access.

Investors should expect to pay at least a $10,000 investment minimum for direct share access. In many cases, the minimum investment is higher.

Signing up for access to pre-IPO data, deal alerts, and expressing interest in currently unavailable startups is free.

Non-accredited retail investors can bypass the accreditation requirement to own pre-IPO companies by owning venture capital funds such as the Fundrise Innovation Fund. Another option is the Cathie Wood’s ARK Venture Fund available exclusively at Titan Invest. However, individual pre-IPO companies cannot be selected, and Anduril stock is currently not present in either portfolio.

Please note: This is a testimonial in partnership with Fundrise. We earn a commission from partner links on All opinions are my own.

2. Buy stock during Anduril IPO through a participating broker

The December 2022 Anduril private funding round should provide sufficient funding for operations for the foreseeable future.

Venture capital firms and individual investors have invested in Anduril and may seek to liquidate ownership in the coming years when market conditions favor IPOs.

We do not expect IPO volume to pick up until late 2023 or 2024 due to rising interest rates and multiple high-profile banking failures.

Investors eyeing IPOs may find opportunities to buy shares at the IPO price a day before public trading through online brokers offering free IPO access.

The following brokers offer free IPO access:

  • SoFi Invest
  • TradeStation
  • Robinhood

Exclusive access to highly sought-after IPOs may be restricted based on the type of brokerage accounts you hold and which brokerages have secured exclusive rights.

TradeStation has a longer track record of accessing more than 300 IPOs and secondary offerings via its partnership with ClickIPO.

Meanwhile, Robinhood and SoFi Invest have the advantage of Silicon Valley networks and a history of getting allocations for high-profile IPOs.

Read company S-1 filings to find evidence that these online brokers may offer access to shares.

Check out this list of best brokers for IPO investing to learn more about IPO access for retail investors.

3. Buy Anduril stock after the IPO

Most investors struggle to acquire pre-IPO shares or get an allocation during the IPO.

Waiting for stocks to go public has multiple advantages. The S-1 and post-IPO reporting quarters provide investors access to multiple financial sets, while pre-IPO investing has limited available financials for review.

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IPO stock prices often (but not always) rise for high-demand companies. Early entry and selling during price overheating can be beneficial.

However, without IPO access, post-IPO investors may be tempted to buy shares at inflated prices.

For instance, in 2021, both Rivian and Robinhood — high-flying IPO stocks — dropped over 80% from their peak price within six months of the IPO.

Avoid purchasing overvalued shares right after the IPO. Declines can follow lockup expirations and quarterly earnings disappointments.

Declining stock prices after IPOs can present excellent entry opportunities. The most disruptive companies are likely to experience higher valuations a decade from now. Be selective and patient.

Where can I find the Anduril S-1 Filing?

Anduril has yet to release an S-1 filing to the public. There is no evidence of a confidential S-1 filing.

News of a confidential or public S-1 filing would kick off the IPO process, suggesting the IPO could occur during the following two to six months.

When the company releases the S-1 filing to investors, we’ll link to and embed the document on this web page.

In the meantime, you can check out the most recent S-1 filings in our S-1 filings feed.


Investors become interested in buying companies riding extraordinary macroeconomic trends (autonomous flight, A.I., innovative tech).

But acquiring ownership in Anduril pre-IPO will be challenging for retail investors, particularly for non-accredited ones.

Pre-IPO investing platforms have opened more opportunities for retail investors, but we’ve seen limited indications of share availability for retail investors interested in Anduril stock. Venture capital investing is still mostly reserved for accredited investors.

Temper expectations if you’re inclined to pursue pre-IPO equity in Anduril. You’ll likely need to wait for the IPO, which could be multiple years away.

Good luck if you wish to buy Anduril stock before the IPO. Invest in pre-IPO and IPO companies at your own risk.

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