Why invest in a wine estate?

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Acquiring a vineyard is a great story. The motivations are diverse, some play the card of added value or tax exemption in parts of wine-growing land groups (GFV), others, Bordeaux or Burgundy, that of complementing the range through purchase and investment. in the vineyard. They can cultivate for example in the Mediterranean vineyard, the chardonnay, the merlot or the pinot which would be lacking to them. Still others just want to change their life. Among this last category, individuals who want to start a second professional life or acquire a heritage asset are currently very active and the price of vines can become a very good purchase in the long term.

Wine estate: Space, nature and lifestyle

Mas, beautiful residence or chateau, a wine estate, whether it is at Bordeaux en Languedoc , or in the Gard , it primarily offers the purchaser a living environment. It must welcome the family and meet the many criteria required by everyone’s tastes and everyday life. Rare, the wine estate combines pleasure, nature and space, values ​​which are becoming more and more essential and which will be, tomorrow, one of the guarantors of heritage value. View on the sea ? Wilderness ? Close to a city? Close to motorway access or an international airport? Wine property surrounded by its vineyard Your agency in the Vinea Transaction network will analyze your needs with you and will naturally direct you to the properties best suited to meet your criteria and your budget. The positive and universal concept that we put forward for the vineyards of the south are wine, Mediterranean and quality of life. The price of vineyard land will be analyzed so that investing in the vineyard is a real investment.

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When it comes to buildings, all the assets may not come together at the time of acquisition. If the location and the quality of the terroir are perfect, the building may need refreshing … This is why we have, among our partners, specialized architects who will know how to make an old farmhouse or a castle. 18th century wine-growing area, a chic and quality living space for winegrowers of the third millennium. They will also know how to rehabilitate the cellars, integrate new regulatory standards and adapt the site to the most modern winemaking and aging technologies. In the Vinea Transaction approach, the price of the vines will not be the only element studied; the quality of the existing buildings is essential, because we offer our customers an “à la carte” rehabilitation service with detailed quotes. This allows the buyer to budget and plan their investment. This pragmatic and professional approach ensures the purchaser a consolidation of his investment and security in the asset value.

Buying a wine estate: a long-term investment

Stone remains one of the best financial investments over the past 30 years.

Safer than the stock market, with better long-term stability than a business, investing in a wine property is truly an investment for the future.

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Depending on the arrangements, a wine estate offers certain tax advantages. An appropriate organization makes it possible to optimize tax management (tax on real estate wealth, deduction of financing costs, specific depreciation, absence of professional tax, reduced property tax, etc.)

The financial and legal advisers affiliated with Vinea Transaction will study with you the solutions best suited to your situation and your project.

The Vinea Transaction network helps you finalize and enhance land acquisitions under conditions that secure the investment fund by validating the various key elements of a wine estate.

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Both in the period of outright establishment, and in the medium and long term by putting our network on the lookout for both land acquisitions and trading structures. It can also, through advisory missions, assist managers in their investment strategy (consistency of budgets, relevance, profitability, etc.) and possibly eventually resale.

Les Groupements foncier viticole

These land groups make it possible to invest with regard to the status of rural leases by benefiting from a significant reduction in transmission, donation and IFI. Reductions of up to 75% can be applied to the IFI. The value of the share is required up to 75% within the limit of € 101,897 and up to 50% beyond in the event of transmission.

The vine in this context is part of a real investment. The price of the vineyard on acquisition is the support for the investment.

French wine heritage is a safe haven

In addition to the quality of life in a pleasant environment, acquiring a vineyard is always an attractive investment. Indeed, depending on the region, the French wine heritage shows almost no decline in value. It is a sure value and a stable investment that secures the future buyer. Finally, fiscally and patrimonially the vineyard provides solutions.

bâtiments en pierre donnant sur une cour intérieure

The vineyard has never really been speculated with the exception of crus, great châteaux and specific appellations, ie 10% of the French vineyard.

A winery has the advantage of not being impacted by politics or the financial markets. As a result, profitability is relatively stable since it focuses on traditional values ​​that are long-lasting acclaim.

The vines are tangible assets that have their place in a logic of diversification of a high-end heritage. Riming with passion and pleasure, these acquisitions can take place in a long-term and investment strategy.

What price for a winery?

Depending on the region, it is possible to find wineries for sale between 800,000 and 1 million euros for a complete production tool. But to really secure your investment and ensure long-term profitability, it is interesting to position yourself on an investment of between 2 and 4 million euros on average in most regions. This investment represents the price of the vines, the winemaking and aging cellar, the building and the working capital.

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In some appellations, the price of a wine property is impacted by the land. The range is wide, the hectare of vines sells from 10,000 euros and can reach 3 million euros for a grand cru. Some appellations with a bright future can turn out to be very profitable.

It is certain that France in terms of wine investment is the only wine country able to offer both the most expensive and the cheapest vines in the world.

Investing in the purchase of GFV, Groupement Foncier Viticole shares can offer a solution to people who wish to invest in vines and wine but whose investment budget is low. It is also a reliable investment which benefits from favorable taxation and which also allows a certain profitability.

In conclusion

Buying a quality wine estate is an important choice. Vinea Transaction can help you grab the best opportunity. The use of an expert who knows the sector well is therefore essential in order to advise you and guide you in the best possible way in your wine project. It is essential to remember that the cost of a commission is largely amortizable with regard to the missions carried out, the negotiation of the fair price of vines, buildings and stocks.

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