If you find yourself in a tough financial situation with bad credit or previous bankruptcy, getting a loan can be a daunting task. Traditional lenders often exclude individuals with less-than-perfect credit histories. But don’t worry, there are still borrowing options available to you. Payday loans offer a manageable and quick financial solution, even for those with bad credit.

What Are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are small, short-term loans that are provided based on your earnings. They are typically paid back within a month or up to 3-12 months. The best part is, you don’t necessarily need a good credit score to qualify. Other sources of income, such as benefits or self-employment, can also help you qualify, even if you’re currently unemployed.

Borrow Anywhere from R100 to R2,000 Instantly

Payday loans range from R100 to R2,000, depending on your needs and the lender. At Rodeco Finance, you can borrow in increments of R50. Here are some examples of the loan amounts they offer:

  • R100
  • R150
  • R200
  • R250
  • R300
  • R350
  • R400
  • R450
  • R500
  • R550
  • R600
  • R650
  • R700
  • R750
  • R800
  • R850
  • R900
  • R950
  • R1000
  • R1050
  • R1100
  • R1150
  • R1200
  • R1250
  • R1300
  • R1350
  • R1400
  • R1450
  • R1500
  • R1550
  • R1600
  • R1650
  • R1700
  • R1750
  • R1800
  • R1850
  • R1900
  • R1950
  • R2000

Interest and Fees

The amount you pay in interest and fees depends on the loan amount you choose. For example, let’s take a look at the fees and interest you would pay on a R100 payday loan:

  • Principal (your original loan amount): R100
  • Loan processing fee (decided by the lender, capped at R24 per R100 borrowed): R24
  • Interest (representative): R39.92
  • Default Fees (no more than R15): NA if you repay on schedule, R15 if you default on the loan
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Instant Approval and Fast Processing

If you’re approved for a payday loan, you can expect fast processing. The money will be sent to your bank account electronically, ensuring a quick and convenient experience.

Applying for a Payday Loan

The best part about payday loans is that you don’t need much to apply. Unlike traditional lenders that require extensive paperwork, payday loans only ask for the following:

  • A valid form of identification
  • A valid address
  • Bank account information

Borrow Responsibly

Only borrow what you need. Just because you can borrow up to R2,000 doesn’t mean you should. If you’re facing a quick emergency before your next payday and only need R100, borrow just that. It’s essential to never borrow more than you can repay during the specified repayment period. Remember, payday loans are not for extra spending money but for covering immediate necessities.

Need More Than R2,000?

If you find yourself in need of more than R2,000, don’t worry, you still have options. At Rodeco Finance, you can apply for a payday loan ranging from R10,000 to R50,000,000. Simply complete our short application form here.

With payday loans, you can access the financial assistance you require, regardless of your credit history. Don’t let bad credit hold you back from achieving financial freedom. Apply today and take control of your financial future.