Best No Credit Check Business Loans For 2023

Finding a small business loan with no credit check can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. Learn about our top no credit check loan recommendations.

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No-credit-check business loans are a useful financing option for businesses that need a loan but want to avoid a credit check.

Maybe your credit score is low, and you don’t think you’ll qualify for a loan or other financing.

On the flip side, you may have a great credit score, and you don’t want to tarnish your report with inquiries from lenders. No matter your reasoning, there are plenty of small business loans with no credit check and even some same-day small business loans with no credit check.

Read on to learn about the best no credit check business loans.

Learn More About Our Top Picks

Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

Types Of Business Loans With No Credit Check

Most business loans do require a credit check. But the following types of business loans sometimes do not require a credit check, depending on the lender:

  • Short-term loan: Short-term loans tend to have relaxed terms, such as low credit score requirements, and may, in some cases, not require a credit check at all. Some STLs with no credit check may have other requirements, though—for example, PayPal only offers their no-credit-check short-term business loans to PayPal sellers.
  • Merchant cash advance: Because MCAs are directly tied to your daily sales, merchant cash advance companies do not rely much, or at all, on your credit score when determining whether to lend to your business and instead place more emphasis on your sales volume.
  • Invoice factoring: A form of accounts receivable financing, invoice factoring is a type of financing where a company buys your business’s unpaid invoices and collects payment on them. Your personal credit score matters very little to an invoice factoring company since the factor is banking on your customer’s creditworthiness, not your own. Some invoice factoring companies do check your business’s credit, while others will only check the credit of your customers whose invoices you are selling.
  • Business credit card: There are a number of business credit cards with no personal credit check. In some cases, these cards may check your business credit, however. Some business credit cards are charge cards, which you must pay off every month in full. You may also be able to get a cash advance through your business credit card with no credit check.
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The 6 Best No Credit Check Small Business Loans

As follows are some of our favorite small business loans with no credit check. These no credit check business loans do not perform a hard credit pull or even a soft credit pull. We also selected lenders that are highly rated (4+ stars) by Merchant Maverick.

1. Square Capital: Best No Credit Check Business Loan For Square Merchants

Square Capital

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2. Revenued: Best No Credit Check Business Credit Card

Revenued Business Card

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3. Shopify Capital: Best No Credit Check Business Loan For Shopify Merchants

Shopify Capital

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4. PayPal Working Capital: Best No Credit Check Business Loan For PayPal Sellers

PayPal Working Capital

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5. FundThrough: Best No Credit Check Invoice Factoring Option


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6. Kiva U.S.: Best No Credit Check Microloans & Startups

Kiva U.S.

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Our Methodology For Choosing The Best No Credit Check Business Loans

To find the best business loans with no credit check, we examined various small business loans and business financing services that do not conduct either a hard or soft credit check at any point during the application or approval process.

We made an effort to include different types of business financing products that would fit different business needs, such as invoice factoring, business credit cards, microloans, etc. We only included lenders with transparent, reasonable fees and a positive overall industry reputation.

Other Business Lenders For Bad Credit

The following two lenders didn’t make our list of no credit check loans because they do involve a credit check. However, they do offer loans to businesses with bad credit or limited credit history, so you can apply even if you don’t have good credit. Best Business Loan With No Credit Score Requirement is a reputable business lending marketplace with multiple financing options for businesses with bad credit. While you do have to submit to a soft credit check during the initial application, you will likely still receive loan offers even if you have bad credit, as there is no minimum credit score requirement to apply. If, in fact, you don’t receive any offers, your credit still won’t be negatively impacted from applying since it’s just a soft pull. So, you shouldn’t let poor credit deter you from applying to

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Upstart: Best Small Business Loan For No Credit

Upstart is an online lending company that offers personal loans, which can be useful for brand-new startups that can’t get a business loan yet. Though Upstart does prefer applicants with at least fair credit, they also take into account other factors, such as whether you have a college education, and will accept applicants with limited or even no credit history. As with, you can apply to Upstart with only a soft credit inquiry, and you won’t have to undergo a hard check until you accept a loan offer.

Alternatives To Small Business Loans With No Credit Check

Other than no credit check business loans, here are a few financing options for businesses that have bad credit or don’t want to add a hard pull to their credit report.

Hard VS Soft Credit Inquiries

It’s important to know the difference between hard and soft credit checks when applying for loans. While none of the six lenders discussed in this post require a soft or a hard credit inquiry, most small business lenders do both a soft and a hard credit inquiry at different points in the loan approval process.

Soft Credit Inquiries

A soft credit inquiry — or soft credit pull — does not affect your credit. Soft credit pulls are used to verify your identity and give lenders an overall picture of your creditworthiness. A soft credit check is usually performed during the prequalification stage to ensure you meet the lender’s basic requirements. From this check, the lender can see your credit score, but the inquiry won’t ding your score or show up on your credit report.

Hard Credit Inquiries

A hard credit inquiry — or hard credit pull — will affect your credit. It will also show up on your credit report. This credit pull gives lenders a more specific, detailed view of your credit history. Lenders can use this information to determine your loan approval, interest rates and/or fees, and if collateral or a cosigner is required. A hard credit pull is usually only performed during underwriting after you accept a loan offer.

Because a hard inquiry is typically only performed during the final underwriting stage before funding, you can apply and be pre-approved for multiple online loans without ever incurring a hard credit check. Usually, online lenders will make it clear that applying will not affect your credit score, meaning they only do a soft credit pull.

Impact On Your Credit Report

So you don’t need to avoid applying to loans that require soft credit checks because you’re afraid of it hurting your credit score or showing up on your credit report. Even if you shop around and are pre-approved for multiple loans, you will typically only have to submit to one hard credit check during the final approval stage for whichever loan offer you accept. Just make sure that the lender specifies that they won’t do a hard pull on your credit when you apply.

How To Know If You Have Good Or Bad Credit

The main way to know if you have good or bad credit is to check your FICO score. You can do this using a free credit score site like WalletHub or Credit Karma.

FICO Credit Score Tiers

Generally speaking, your FICO credit score is good if it’s 700 or higher. But that doesn’t mean that you can never qualify for a loan if you fall within a lower credit tier. Let’s take a look at the different FICO credit score tiers.

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What If You Aren’t Eligible For A No Credit Check Small Business Loan?

You may not be able to get a no credit check loan — for example, if you don’t meet the qualifications for the above lenders because of time-in-business, business revenue, or other requirements. Still, you do have some options:

  • Improve Your Credit Score: If bad credit is what’s holding you back, the first thing you should do is try fixing up that tarnished credit report. Also, learn how long it takes to improve your credit score here.
  • Apply For Bad Credit Loans: If you can at least get your credit score to the 500s, you might qualify for a bad credit business loan, even as a startup. Explore our picks for the best small business loans for startups with bad credit.
  • Apply For Grants: As mentioned above, grants can be a source of free business financing when you’re not able to get a loan. Learn how to find federal, state, & local government small business grants.
  • Look For Investors: If you have an innovative startup, you might attract investors who want equity in your company. You can seek out investors through equity crowdfunding, seed funding, or venture capital.
  • Agree To A Soft Credit Check: Again, a soft credit check won’t show up on your report, so there’s really no reason to avoid them. Online business loan matchmaking services such as will perform a soft credit check to show you what loans you might be eligible for. This way, you can at least explore your options.
  • Get A Business Credit Card: If the amount you need to borrow isn’t that large, you may be able to use a credit card instead. Yes, the best business credit cards require good credit, but there are also business credit cards for bad credit such as Revenued, and cards that will help you build credit while financing your business expenses.

FAQs About No Credit Check Small Business Loans

Can You Get A Small Business Loan Without A Credit Check?

No credit check business loans are available from alternative lenders, but it’s important to remember that your options will be limited. Traditional business lenders that offer low-interest loans will always perform a credit check before approving a loan.

Finding a business loan with no credit check can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. Before applying for these loans, be aware of the higher costs, additional requirements, and other special considerations. Remember, your goal is to find an affordable loan that gives the best return on investment, so you can launch or build your business without taking on unnecessary debt.

Want more business financing options? Read up on the best business credit cards for bad credit or explore alternative financing for small businesses.

In Summary: The 6 Best No Credit Check Small Business Loans

  1. Square Capital:
    • Offers: Business loans up to $250K
    • Revenue Requirements: $10K/yearly
    • Factor Rate: 1.10-1.16
  2. Revenued Business Card:
    • Offers: Business credit card and cash advances
    • Revenue Requirements: $15K/month
    • Factor Rate: 1.1-1.5
  3. Shopify Capital:
    • Offers: Business loans up to $5 million
    • Revenue Requirements: N/A
    • Factor Rate: 1.1-1.13
  4. PayPal Working Capital:
    • Offers: Business loans up to $250K
    • Revenue requirements: $15K/yearly
    • Factor rate: 1.01-1.58
  5. FundThrough:
    • Offers: Invoice factoring with no max. amount
    • Revenue requirements: N/A
    • Factor rate: .0275-.0825
  6. Kiva U.S.:
    • Offers: Business loans up to $15K
    • Revenue Requirements: N/A
    • Interest Rate: N/A