Where to get a $75,000 loan

Taking out an $75,000 loan can be a smart move if it helps you achieve a financial goal.

But you’ll want to make sure you understand what type of personal loan is best for your situation and how those monthly payments will fit into your budget.

We’ll walk you through our recommendations for lenders to consider and how to apply for a loan.

Monthly payments for a $75,000 personal loan

Loan durationAverage monthlypayments ($75,000 loan)Poor creditAverage creditGood creditExcellent credit1-12 months13-24 months25-36 months37-48 months
Average monthly loan payments are based on aggregate TransUnion credit report data from Credit Karma members with active personal loans as of December 2022
  • The best $75,000 personal loans
  • How to get a $75,000 loan
  • FAQs about $75,000 loans

The best $75,000 personal loans


Only borrowers with good-to-excellent credit can qualify with LightStream, but the lender offers competitive interest rates and a rate discount for autopay. Unfortunately, there’s no prequalification process available.


You can get an autopay discount on your interest rate, and you won’t pay application or prepayment penalty fees. But only USAA members can apply, and membership is limited to veterans, service members and military family members.


You may need strong credit to qualify with SoFi. But if you do, you can access specialized perks in addition to competitive rates. And if you lose your job through no fault of your own while you’re paying off a SoFi loan, you may be able to temporarily modify your payments.

Wells Fargo

You won’t be charged an origination fee or prepayment penalty. And setting up autopay will qualify you for an interest rate discount. But you must already be a Wells Fargo customer to apply for a loan. And while Wells Fargo offers a rate-estimate calculator, it doesn’t provide the option to prequalify, so your only application option comes with a hard credit check.

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How to get a $75,000 loan

Applying for a $75,000 loan can take some work, but it’s worth the effort if you can save money by consolidating debt at a lower rate or finance home renovations that increase your home value.

Start by collecting basic information about your finances, such as …

  • W2s
  • Recent paystubs
  • Identification/Social Security number/driver’s license
  • Desired loan amount
  • Monthly expenses, such as housing costs and debt
  • Information about any collateral you want to use

From there, it’s a good idea to apply for prequalification. This lets you preview your potential rate without a hard credit inquiry. It will also give you a good idea of which lender may be the best fit for you.

Once you decide to move forward and officially apply though, the lender will likely perform a hard credit inquiry that can have a temporary effect on your credit scores.

If you apply for a personal loan, you may be able to access money within a few days. But home equity loans or HELOCs can take up to a month or more to disburse funds. (Loans that tap your home equity usually have lower rates than unsecured personal loans, so it may be worth the wait.)

FAQs about $75,000 loans