How to Convince Someone to Invest in Bitcoin Format [Secrets!!!]

Last Updated on September 23, 2023

While people can legitimately try to convince you to invest in BTC, you should be aware of how to convince someone to invest in bitcoin format, which can get you to lose money. Besides, the Bitcoin market is not stable.

From a descriptive view of how this format works, let’s say you are using the bitcoin format for your work and business; part of your job would be convincing potential clients who send inquiries to invest in Bitcoin. So, what use the investment format for bitcoin to sweet-talk into investing.

Bitcoin is not something that many people know about. To this day, many people are still considering it a scam (when, in fact, it isn’t) since the market is porous. Most people believe that bitcoin will soon crash, and everything will zero out.

So, the challenge to convince someone to invest in bitcoin is that you first convince them that bitcoin is legit before you convince them to invest through your website. You may achieve the first and fail at the second. So, these are some of the problems when looking for how to convince someone to invest in bitcoin format.

You need a format that can cover all areas, which I will show you right now. Before you read further, make sure to read my revealed “Investment format for yahoo” for you to get a glimpse of each steps. It would have similar steps with this too.

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How to Convince Someone to Invest in Bitcoin Format

Format to Convince Someone to Invest in Bitcoin

Ask Questions

Truly, asking questions would help you uncover a lot and know more about the client you are talking to. When you ask questions, you get to reveal their flaws, fears, lack of understanding of what bitcoin is all about, and any information that will help convince them.

There are specific target questions you should ask, such as to ask

  • Have you invested before?
  • What type of investments have you done before?
  • How did it go?
  • Are you focused on long-term investments or short terms?
  • What’s your short-term goal?
  • Would you like if your $5,000 becomes $15,000 within a week?
  • Do you have at least a small risk appetite?

Keep their answers in mind for when you want to begin your presentation. Convince them using the answers they’ve provided for you.

Understand their Fears

Your clients have fears that they don’t want to tell you because they don’t trust you. The first step to gaining their trust is by using the Trust Format, asking questions, and then understanding that you want to help them.

They may not openly tell you their fears, but when a client says something like “most of these investments are scams,” they understand that they may have lost money in the past, so they are skeptical of further investments.

The best response would be to ask them, “have you lost money to bad investments before.”

So, you must understand their fears beyond just the words they tell you.

Educate Them

After understanding what they would fear, the next step is to educate them on how bitcoin or cryptocurrency works. Most clients are oblivious of how crypto works, the primary reason they probably got scammed in the past.

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Take your time to educate them to enlighten them before convincing them. Once they understand the usefulness of crypto and bitcoin, they will eventually need just a little push to invest in bitcoin.

Tell them the Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin.

This should be done while educating them. After telling them how bitcoin and the general crypto coins work, the next should be telling them the benefits of having these coins. This is the primary secret when looking for how to convince someone to invest in bitcoin format.

After telling them the importance of having cryptocurrencies, then move to the importance of investing. Some of the benefits you should say to them are.

  • Higher return within a short period – up to about 45% in a single day.
  • The best hedge against inflation
  • It helps you cultivate a good saving culture
  • Best retirement plan
  • Creating generational wealth.

Just pitch these benefits to them and do the next step.

Show them Proof

As someone smart, you should have a lot of Proof ready to show clients interested but skeptical.

If you don’t have proofs to show your clients, then you can easily manufacture one with the help of photoshop.

If you can’t do it, find a professional to help you design testimonials of happy clients who thank you for assisting them in investing their money.

Convince Them to Take a Small Step

When using the how-to convince someone to invest in bitcoin format, the only way to get them started is to start small. You can convince them to invest just $100, and they will get an ROI of 35%.

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At the maturity date, pay them, which will force them to increase the money to a higher sum, which you will now use and cash out.

Or you can continue to pay them and ask them to bring referrals. Once you have enough referrals, you can take all their money and disappear.

Continue your Marketing

Your marketing is essential. However, when convincing a client to invest in Bitcoin becomes a thing of yahoo format, as the swindler will continue to use their Fake Instagram profile or your Fake Facebook Profile to show referrals and attract more clients.

On your feed, they’d talk about Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and discuss how investing in bitcoin can make someone rich. These will attract clients to ask them questions, then, they can start from step 1 until they invest.


Now you’ve seen how to convince someone to invest in bitcoin format; the main thing would be how to present yourself. For the general public, Bitcoin is not a scam and major companies are gradually diversifying assets to Bitcoin. So, if someone (except a scammer) is convincing you to invest, it does not make them scammers but people helping you to work towards the future. Just make sure to do your individual research well enough.

If you have questions, use the comment section, and I will reply to you. Cheers.