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Parent PLUS Loan: How to Apply

A Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan estimate is no longer part of your dependent student’s financial aid award. To apply, you and your student must complete the following (in this order):

1. Your student must apply for financial aid

  • Your dependent student applies for financial aid by completing the FAFSA.
  • Use SDSU’s federal school code: 001151.

2. The financial aid application is processed

  • Your student should then log in to my.SDSU to view their financial aid eligibility. Note that they will not see the Parent PLUS Loan listed.

Information verification may be required

    • About 30% of all aid applicants are randomly selected to submit documentation that verifies the information on the FAFSA.
    • Make sure your student checks his/her my.SDSU account often for messages and actions he/she may need to take.

3. Request your Parent PLUS Loan online at

  • Click on ”Log In” button and sign in with your FSA ID and PasswordIMPORTANT: The parent borrowing (applying for the loan) must sign-in using their FSA ID and password NOT the student’s.

  • Hover on the Apply For Aid menu dropdown and select Apply for a PLUS Loan.

  • Next to the section “I am a Parent of a Student”, Click on the “Learn More” button.

  • Click on the “Start” button to begin your PLUS application

  • Completing Loan Activation by:

    • A: Loan Information

      Select Award year

      Complete “Student Information” section

      Complete “School and Loan Information” sections

      Note: you have the option to specify the amount you want awarded for the year (split evenly Fall/Spring) OR select the Maximum amount (covers gap between student’s current academic year aid and academic year cost of attendance)

      Select Loan Period:

      Select August – May for the full academic year with the first disbursement as early as August and the second half to be disbursed in January

      Note: if your student is only attending one semester of the academic year, select the months that the semester falls within

      B. Borrower Information

      Complete all section of Borrower Information

      C: Review

      Review all School and Loan Information and Borrower Information

      Note: incorrect information can lead to invalid loan which may require new PLUS application.

      D: Credit Check and Submit PLUS application

      Consent for credit check and submit request for Parent PLUS Loan

      What Now?

      You do not need to notify SDSU of your application. Once the PLUS application is submitted the borrower should be notified within the next 24-28 hours of the credit decision. SDSU will receive an electronic confirmation of your application but may take 3-5 business days for our office to process your loan request on our end.

      If Approved

      If the PLUS Loan is Approved, SDSU will work process the loan request based on some of the criteria that was selected by the borrower on the application and will be added to your student’s award. A Parent PLUS MPN must be completed if this is your first time borrowing a PLUS loan at SDSU for your student. The MPN can be completed immediately after submitting your PLUS app and is also done on

    • For information about Parent Plus Loans that are denied visit this page.
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Deadline for Submitting a Parent Loan Request Form Student’s Attendance Deadline Date 2023-24 academic year (fall and spring) May 1, 2024 (by 3 pm Pacific Time) Fall 2023 only (will not attend spring) December 1, 2023 (by 3 pm Pacific Time) Spring 2024 only (did not attend fall) May 1, 2024 (by 3 pm Pacific Time)

How will my student get the money?

Half of the approved loan amount will be disbursed during the fall semester and half during the spring semester.

When your Parent PLUS Loan funds are available, any outstanding university charges will be deducted and the remaining funds will be mailed to you (the parent borrower) or, with your signed authorization on the Request for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan form, will be deposited to your student’s bank account.

Get more info

For detailed information on Direct PLUS Loans, including applications, visit the Direct Loan section of the Federal Student Aid website.

Parents can start applying for Parent PLUS Loan for the 2024-25 Academic Year starting June 1, 2024.

Did you move?

The Parent Plus Loan check is mailed to the address the parent borrower lists on the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request form. If you have moved since requesting the Parent PLUS Loan, use the Parent’s Change of Address form to notify us of your new address.